Wilko False Eyelashes Drama for only £1: A Review

Wilko false eyelashes drama on Jade Gabriell

I was out shopping with my mum the other day when she dragged me into Wilko so that she could get some bits for the garden. As I was in there I thought that I might as well pick up some lotion and body wash and was surprised when I stumbled across Wilko’s range of false eyelashes. At only a pound for a pair including the glue I had to give them a go!

Wilko False Eyelashes Drama

I chose the Drama lashes because they were super thick and weren’t as spidery as some of the other ones in the range. The installation of the lashes seemed to be the same as any other pair I’ve bought before. Apply glue, wait till tacky and then stick on. However, the Wilko glue dried way too quickly, smelt fishy and was difficult to apply. In the end I got fed up and used my leftover eyelure glue from my Katy Perry lashes instead.

Wilko False Eyelashes Drama

The difference between my natural lashes and the drama eyelashes was incredible, although they definitely didn’t look natural and they had a weird shine to them that made them look plastically. These lashes are better suited to a night out where you can hide under the club lights rather than day time wear. I also found them a little heavy and my eyes burned a little; I’m not sure if that was the combo of heavy lashes plus mixing two types of glue to get them to stick.

Wilko False Eyelashes Drama

Overall these lashes were alright but the artificial shine, heaviness and not-so-great glue makes me give these lashes….


I have another pair from the range – they’re are bit spidery but I’ll give those a go at the weekend. Here is a picture of them, I actually think they might be a bit more natural-looking…well fingers crossed.

Wilko False Eyelashes Drama

Have you tried any other lashes in the Wilko range?

JG x