It’s a Christmas wig off!

Christmas is just days away and that can only mean one thing….I need a new hair-do! As some of you know I cut nearly all of the relaxer out of my hair and have been rocking a super slick short do. I love it but I also want beautiful bouncy curls on Christmas day.

So in the ring we have Sensationnel Lace Wig (with Front Extension) in Kerry (colour 4) versus Sleek’s Fashion Idol 101 Lace Wig in Rose (colour FS4/27).






There’s not really much to say here. Both came in boxes and were packaged as you would expect a boxed wig to be. Tissue paper, netting around the hair etc.

fashion idol 101 rose and sensationnel kerry lace front



Lace and fit  

Sleek’s Rose had lace at the front and at the back of the wig making it look even more natural if it was worn in an up-do. I have a medium to large sized head and I have to say that the Sleek wig definitely fit my head better. Sensationnel wigs always come up a big small on me. Sensationnel’s Kerry feels a bit tight and I wouldn’t be able to put it in a proper pony tail because you can see the sides of my natural hair when it’s up.

Sensationnel Kerry and Sleek Rose

Left: Sleek (Rose). Right: Sensationnel (Kerry)

Neither wig has much parting space. To be honest I wouldn’t even attempt to part Sleek’s Rose. Sensationnel has a small natural part already in it, however for those who like a deep part neither wig would do very well. They do both however, have cute baby hairs which help the wigs blend better with my natural hair.

Sensationnel Lace front Kerry and Sleek fashion idol 101 Rose

Left: Sleek (Rose). Right: Sensationnel (Kerry)


I’m really feeling chocolatey brown colours at the moment in particular shade 4. I find black a little harsh with my skin tone in the winter when I’m paler. Both wigs are predominantly shade 4, however Sleek’s Rose has shade 27 (dark blonde) highlights running through it, which actually gives the wig a really nice overall colouring. I’m not too keen on the way the highlights just come out of the front making me look like Rogue from X-Men but overall I like it.


Sleek (Rose) - Colour FS4/27

Sleek (Rose) – Colour FS4/27



Sensationnel (Kerry) – Colour 4


Hair Texture

Sensationnel Kerry and Sleek Fashion 101 Rose

Left: Sleek (Rose). Right: Sensationnel (Kerry)

As you can see from the pictures in this blog post both wigs have lovely curls in them. Sleek’s Rose wig has looser curls and almost a forties wavy feel to it and without any layers the hair falls quite long. Sensationnel’s Kerry has tighter curls, in some places they look like barrel curls, and it also has layers and a fringe. Kerry definitely has a more modern feel.

Sleek’s Rose is ‘100% premium tongable (up to 200C) synthetics fibres’. It may be a ‘premium fibre’ but as soon as I took it out of the box I noticed that it was going frizzy in places.

Sensationnel’s Kerry is a ‘new futura fibre’ and is heat safe up to 180C (350F). I’ve worn it twice now and the curls still look lovely. I have another futura wig which holds up really well compared to other synthetic wigs, so I have high hopes for Kerry!



I picked up Sleek’s Rose from eBay for £34.99 including delivery, it arrives within a few days. Sensationnel’s Kerry I got from Paks in Peckham, London for £29.99. For a synthetic wig in the UK both are reasonably priced. However, I can’t wait to move to the states where wig price are in dollars. I have a feeling is going to be my favourite online beauty store.


So which wig I am going to wear for Santa this year? Honestly, I’m not too sure. I’m going to wear the Sensationnel wig this week to work and see how it holds up, however it seems more like an everyday work wig. Whereas, I really like the tones and glamorous look of Rose and think she’ll look great with my holiday makeup on the day… even if she only lasts the day…


Recreate my holiday makeup with: 


  • Freedom Pro Primer
  • Kat VonD Lock-it Tattoo Foundation – Medium 62
  • Freedom Conceal Pro – Dark
  • Freedom Conceal Powder Kit- Medium 01
  • Maybelline Fit me! Powder – Toffee 330
  • Accessorise Baked Bronzer
  • Makeup Revolution London Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade – Dark Brown
  • Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Iconic 2  (Use the Gold and Copper)
  • Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner – Black
  • Ardell Demi Wispies
  • Eyelure Lashfix glue
  • Rimmel Lip Liner Exaggerate – 024
  • Rimmel Lipstick Lasting Finish by Kate – 107


JG x 

Easy Halloween Make-up Looks (leopard): Part One

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I don’t know about you but I love Halloween! I also love super easy halloween looks that don’t cost me a bomb. In this three-part series I’m going to go through easy makeup ideas that you can create using items that you’ll probably already have in your make-up bag!

First look: The Lurvely Leopard  

A classic animal look

Easy cheap Halloween leopard make up


You’ll need:

  • cat ears
  • your foundation
  • contour kit (optional)
  • shimmering gold body powder
  • a brow kit (or brow liner)
  • black eyeliner (liquid and/or pencil)
  • gold eyeshadow
  • brown eyeshadow
  • false eyelashes (optional)
  • and a sure hand.

easy halloween leopard cheetah make up

easy halloween leopard cheetah makeupStep 1: apply your foundation and contour

Step 2: apply the shimmer powder all over your face

Step 3: sort your brows out

Step 4: apply your gold  and brown eyeshadow and then line your eyes (you can pop your false lashes on here)

Step  5: draw a heart on your nose, fill in your top lip with a black eyeliner and draw on your whiskers

Step 6: decide where you want your leopard spots and draw them by using your eyeliner to make wavy C and O shapes. Once you have the black sorted use your gold eyeshadow to fill in the spots.

RAW! You’re all done!

And in case you were wondering what was in my bag…

halloween makeup bag cheetah leopard

Stay tuned for Poison Ivy and Day of the Dead looks!

Beauty Bag Bargains: eBay makeup brushes

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ebay makeup brushes

From left to right: blush brush, foundation brush and fanned contour brush

Beauty ingredients

Total paid: £4.94 inc. p&p

Delivery: Took about 3 weeks (they are shipped from China)

A look created with eBay makeup brushes

A look created with eBay makeup brushes. No filter used.

Liquid Foundation Brush 

eBay foundation brush

eBay foundation brush

I usually use a sponge to apply my foundation and I always find that more gets soaked into the sponge than actually goes onto my face. This brush is a fantastic alternative and my foundation went on smoother and more evenly than when I use a sponge. The only downside is that the stick of the brush splits in half for some reason and gets lost in my makeup bag. Aside from that I LOVE this brush. I can really see the difference in my application.

Fanned Counter Brush 

In the look above I used both a cream and a powder contour kit because while I like the look of a cream contour kit, I like a matte finish. The fanned contour brush was perfect for contouring with powder. The shape of brush really helped me highlight and define with precision.

Kabuki Blush Brush 

The brush is slightly peaked which helped to apply my blush/bronzer that little bit better. It’s a good brush but unlike the other two I can’t really say that it has revolutionised my makeup bag.

Overall: I’d definitely say that you should think about adding these brushes to your makeup bag – for under £5 for the lot they are a total bargain! If you are willing to wait for delivery then definitely order them.

JG x

Transformation Tuesday with a Freedom Makeup London Haul

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Freedom makeup London Review Hey lovelies! Have you heard about a company called Freedom Makeup London? I first stumbled across their website about a week or so ago. They are a new company and prices start from £1, which was so incredible that I decided to get a bit of a haul. They also had a special deal on at the time, so I got an extra £15 worth of free goods! All in all I ended up with 20 products that were a range of eyeshadows, lipsticks and contour kits all for about £25. Amazing!

My Freedom Makeup London haul!

My Freedom Makeup London haul!

The one thing that I loved about Freedom Makeup London is that they offer fab collections that offer everything you need to create a full look. I ordered the Sculpted Beauty Collection and was very impressed with not only the quality of the products but also with how well they matched my skin tone.  Let’s be real – as a black girl is can be pretty hard to get the right shade especially when ordering online – but Freedom Makeup London did not disappoint! Rather than doing a ‘get the look’ I just thought that I would go into detail on a few products that I would definitely label as my new must-haves! My must-haves from Freedom Makeup London:

Eyebrow kit Medium/Dark 

PRO EYEBROW KIT MEDIUM-DARK freedom makeup london I really love this kit and will most definitely be using it daily. I used the eyebrow wax in the bottom right and the powder in the bottom left to fill in my brows. I prefer dark brown brows rather than black and these shades were great. The coverage lasted all day too!

Pro contour kit Medium 01 

Pro contour kit medium 01 freedom makeup london

Sculpting with the powder contour kit! (This is not blended)

Pro contour kit freedom makeup london


I was a little worried about this kit because it came automatically with the Sculpted Beauty Collection and I wasn’t sure if it would match my skin tone. However, I had no need to worry. I love, love, love this contour kit! Usually I use a creamy contour palette and then have to use a pressed powder to finish the look off but this automatically gave me the no-shine sculpted look that I wanted. I used the pro primer before I applied the powder which helped to smooth and moisturise my skin. I always recommend using primer!

Decadence palette Today’s Tonight 

DECADANCE PALETTE TODAY'S TONIGHT freedom makeup london I usually wear the same boring browns and golds on my eyes. I loved the shades in this one palette – it had a range of browns, pinks and darker shades! The possibilities are endless! I ended up going with a rose gold shade and used another slightly darker one to contour my eyelids. I love this palette! I used an eye primer before putting on the eyeshadow and it was fab. It really helped the eyeshadow last all day. A little about the lipsticks I received… 

Pro melts Jammy Dodger 

Pro melts jammy dodger freedom makeup london I’m not really into lip glosses, I’ve been feeling matte lipsticks for the last few months but I really liked this gloss. It’s a stunning bright red shade and with the right outfit would be perfect!

Pro Lipstick Now 117 Juicy Lips 

Pro Lipstick Now 117 Juicy Lips freedom makeup london This is such a pretty pink colour. It’s a soft shade that would work with a multitude of skin tones. I’ll definitely be rocking this over the summer.

Overall I’m loving the quality and the affordability of Freedom Makeup London. I still have so many more products in my haul to try. My little makeup heart is very content at the moment. I’ve been on the website today and have been adding more products to my wish list too including the setting spray and matte primer. I have a feeling that I’m going to be ordering lots more products and best of all it won’t break the bank!

P.S. Freedom Makeup London also do makeup courses. There aren’t any available online yet but I’m going to be keeping my beady eyes open so that I can book myself onto one (or five)! JG x

Kiss Ever-EZ Lashes in Number 11: A Review

JG wearing Kiss Ever-EZ Lashes in Number 11

JG wearing Kiss Ever-EZ Lashes in Number 11

I haven’t worn individual lashes in over a month now and have instead been experimenting with strip false lashes. I decided to try Kiss Ever-EZ Lashes in Number 11 after the beautiful Bianca Locke recommended them on Instagram, (you can find her @biancalocke).

Biance Locke in her Kiss Lashes Number 11

Biance Locke in her Kiss Lashes Number 11

Where to buy 

If you are in the States you can pick these lashes up from CVS for just $4.99, I’m in the UK at the moment and had to buy mine on eBay for £6.49Boots and Superdrug do sell some of the Kiss range but they don’t stock number 11 (sad times). Buying them from eBay was a little bit pricey but it was to be expected.

What’s inside Kiss Ever-EZ lashes number 11

Inside of the box you get a pair of lashes made with human hair (they are soft but also firm) and an applicator with a ‘mess free tip’ to help you apply the lashes along your own lash line. FYI – you do not get any glue inside of the packet. Thankfully, I had some left over from Eyelure lashes. Kiss do sell lash adhesive and if it is anything like their nail glue (which I love) then I’m sure it’s pretty good.

Kiss Ever-EZ Lashes Number 11



It was super EZ (get it? EZ? as in Ever-EZ…) to apply these lashes. As with other strip lashes, you simply apply the glue, wait thirty seconds until the glue is tacky, and then apply them to your natural lash line. I didn’t need to trim them down, which was great. The pink applicator was helpful in holding the lashes down so that the glue had time to dry. I usually use a pair of tweezers to do that, but the pink applicator was a lot less scary close to my eyes.

Kisses for these Kiss Ever-EZ Lashes in Number 11

Kisses for these Kiss Ever-EZ Lashes in Number 11


I absolutely love the look of these lashes – they are perfect for day or night and give you a sexy doe-eyed look without looking fake. They are super light and it barely felt like I was wearing anything. I will definitely be getting my money’s worth out of them and will be trying others in the range.


JG x

Get the look: Cheerleader fancy dress makeup

Cheerleader makeup fancy dress

I have wanted to be a cheerleader since I was in my teens and went to live in Florida for a year and saw the cheerleaders, the basketball team and the football team up close. Alas, I’ve never been a great dancer, definitely can’t do the splits and if I attempted to balance in a human pyramid I’d either break my back or someone else’s. However, the Bournemouth Summer Ball this year offered the perfect opportunity for me to dress up as a cheerleader and have a fantastic day with great company and music (and I didn’t have to do the splits once)!

Cheerleader ingredients

How-to guide

Apply the primer, I have to say the Rimmel London stay matte primer was one of the best I’ve used in a while. I wore it on a hot summer’s day and my face stayed matte all day! Next follow my JG contour guide to even out your skin tone and highlight your face or apply your foundation as usual.

Then, apply the Kimberly false eyelashes. I absolutely loved these, they gave my eyes volume without looking fake. I used the glue that came in the eyelure kit and was pleased when it lasted all day.

Eyeliner girls aloud eyelashes Kimberley

Whilst waiting for the eyelash glue to dry do your eyebrows, I used a dark brown pencil that I got from a London black hair and beauty shop. Line your lips with the red diva liner and then apply the GOSH lipstick (some people prefer to lipstick before liner but I’m a liner before lipstick kinda girl).

Next, apply an amber or gold coloured powder all over your eyelids (I used Elite Paris iridescent loose powder in shiny amber but I’m not sure where it came from) and then use the darker Kiko eyeshadow to contour your lids. Apply a little underneath your bottom lashes to make them look thicker. Use the Rimmel gel eyeliner to line your top lashes, adding a little flick if you want as well to give yourself a winged look.

cheeleader makeup fancy dress

Contour with eyeshadow

Lastly, apply a little mascara to your bottom lashes, you don’t really need the mascara that I used – I only used the first step of the two-step process anyway.

cheerleader makeup fancy dress

Last step, get dressed and haAAve F-U-N (said in my best cheerleader chant)!

JG x

Battle of the Nude Lipsticks: Rimmel versus MAC

MAC peachstock versus rimmel nude delight

Rimmel vs MAC

Nude lipsticks are sexy and perfect for when you want to draw attention to your eyes. I love teaming a nude lipstick with big lashes and liner to give me that doe-eyed, retro look. However, it’s always a struggle to find the right colour; choose a lipstick too light and you look like a zombie with ashy lips, too dark and you might of well have just bought a mocha shade. I’ve found two that suited my skin tone however the question is which gets my my vote, MAC Peachstock or Rimmel Nude Delight? Let’s find out shall we…


MAC (Satin) lipstick in Peachstock from Belk (USA) $16 (approx £10.33)
Rimmel (Moisture Renew) lipstick in Nude Delight from Tesco £6.49

Winner: Rimmel


Rimmel Nude Delight

Rimmel Nude Delight

MAC Peachstock

MAC Peach stock

I guess this round depends on whether you prefer glossy or matte lipsticks. At the moment I am loving matte lipsticks so kind of prefer Peachstock. Rimmel Nude Delight felt a little greasy however I do like the warmer tone that it has, MAC Peachstock was just a tad paler.

Winner: MAC

All-day wear and Feel

The MAC lipstick left my lips feeling moisturised all-day which surprised me because it is so matte. It also lasted from the time I applied it at 7am before work until way after I got home that evening and still looked just as gorgeous. The Rimmel lipstick just about made it to lunch before I needed to reapply it again. Despite it being called ‘moisture renew’ I found that my lips were quite dry after a few hours and I did need to apply lip balm.

Winner: MAC

Rimmel nude delight versus MAC peachstock

Ladies, this is an instance where I would recommend spending those extra pennies and getting MAC (sold in House of Fraser in the UK). It looks amazing and feels great plus matte lipstick is very in this Summer. So go on, treat yourself!

JG x