Ideas for a bookish wedding

Bookish literary wedding ideas

If you are getting married and you, like me, love books then this post is for you. Although I won’t be wearing a wedding dress made from the pages of my favourite books, I think there are some lovely subtle ways to have a bookish theme on your big day. Here are some ideas:

Book Confetti 

alice-in-wonderland-book-confettiAlice in Wonderland Confetti by Literary Emporium – £3.50 

This Alice in Wonderland confetti might be a bit quirky for some weddings but why not use a romance novel instead? It’s a fantastic DIY project and so much more interesting than standard confetti.

Literary Bridesmaid Gifts

Catt charm necklace inspired by Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway Cat Lover Necklace by Literary Emporium – £11.60

One of my bridesmaids is mad about cats and this is a cute gift which she would absolutely love.

Literary Table Names

Literary table names

I absolutely love how the author name has been combined with a quote to create a cute table name.

The Book Arch 

Wedding Book Arch

If you and your future husband or wife are both mad about books then why not? Who needs flowers anyway?

Literary Cufflinks

Jane Austen Cufflinks

Jane Austen Cufflinks by Jezebel Charms (on Etsy) – £10.26

What a perfect gift for ushers, a best man or even a husband-to-be on the day of the wedding. There are plenty of options on Etsy so you are sure to find a pair to suit.

Library Card Wedding Guest Book

library card wedding guestbook

library card wedding guest book

Library Card Wedding Guest Book from bindingbee (on etsy) – over £100 

This is such a unique idea. It’s a handmade item on Etsy so it is a bit of a splurge. On the other hand, it could made a great DIY wedding project!

A Bookish Wedding Cake 


Why not talk to your cake maker about making you a bookish cake? I love the second one in the picture above, it would be lovely to have romantic verses on it.

Library Card Catalogue 

Library Card catalogue

Such a lovely idea unfortunately I’m unsure where it is sold however I’m sure that it could be replicated by a crafty bride or groom to be!

The Save the Date Bookmark

Save the date bookmarkFor pricing visit: 

A save the date card that doubles up as a bookmark. What a lovely idea!

The Book Ring-Holder

Harry Potter ring holder

Yes, this is Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! Why have a wedding pillow when you could have your favourite book?

Flowers Made of Book Pages 

Literary Bookish wedding flowers

Feeling crafty? Then why not get your bridesmaids together and create these quirky bookish wedding flowers.

That’s it for now folks. Do you have any other ideas for a bookish wedding?

Happy wedding planning!

JG x

12 reasons why you should try pole dancing (or pole fitness) this summer

butterfly move pole dancing pole fitness

Working on my ‘butterfly’

I have been pole dancing or doing ‘pole fitness’ on and off for about four years now. I absolutely love it – so here are 12 reasons why you should seek out your nearest class and give it a go this summer!

  1. It will increase your upper body strength – trust me you may not be able to lift your own body weight now but in just a few weeks you’ll be doing moves that will surprise you.
  2. It’s a fun way to get fit – give me a pole over the treadmill any day.
  3. You’ll lose your inhibitions and get body confident – I turned up to my first class wearing a baggy t-shirt and and the longest shorts I could find, now give me booty shorts and a sports bra and I’m ready.
  4. You’ll amaze yourself – I’ve never done gymnastics in my life, yeah I did handstands and cartwheels whilst playing outside as a child but that was it. Now, I can climb a pole and hang upside down with only one leg holding on.
  5. You’ll increase your flexibility – I still can’t do the splits, but my body feels so much more open than it used to.
  6. It will make you feel sexier – I’ve been to many different classes, some where the focus was on pole dance and sensuality and others where the focus is pole fitness and simply getting a specific move, like in a gymnastics class. The dance element certainly makes me feel sexier and the fact that I can accomplish all of these new moves also makes me more confident in myself – and confidence is sexy!
  7. If you are ever in a club that has a pole you will impress everyone – when I was in Mexico I climbed the pole and did a simple move – I impressed the crowd so much that I got a bunch of free tequila shots that night….good times.
  8. It will impress your other half – my man loves that I know a few moves on the pole.
  9. You’ll transform your body – my core strength is so much stronger and I have the flatter stomach to prove it. The conditioning and strength exercises will help tone your entire body.
  10. You’ll be proud of your bruises – now this sounds like a strange one but a bruise in the pole world is a sign that you have attempted a new pole move. Yeah you hit the pole but so what, you’ll soon master that nemesis move!
  11. You’ll be more up for trying other daring exercises – since doing pole I’ve found a love for all aerial exercise. Aerial silks is another one of my favourites and makes me feel like I’m in the circus – in a good way, not an American Horror Story Freak Show kind of way.
  12. There is a whole aerial network out there that you can be part of – pole dancing advocates are everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and it’s great to connect with them. I’ve lived in NYC and the UK and I’ve made friends with so many people all because of our love of aerial sports.

So – what do you think? Will you give pole a go this summer?

Superman pole move pole dancing pole fitness


hanging upside down pole dance pole fitness

Literally one of the most relaxing poses…

JG x

Here’s why I’m making my own wedding veil and you should too

Beautiful wedding veil

The average cost of a wedding in the UK in 2014 was £20,983 according a survey conducted by You and Your Wedding. That just blows my mind, don’t get me wrong, I like to spend money and treat myself to the finer things, but spending almost £21,000 on one day makes me feel a little sick. I’d much rather put that towards a deposit on a house so that my fiancé and I can start our life together.

Before I started shopping for anything wedding related I thought a veil would cost me £50 at most, after all it is just a bit of tulle hung over your head. Wrong! I fell in love with a cathedral veil when I tried on my wedding dress only to be told by the sales assistant that she would do me a good deal and knock the price down to £200. What? £200, that’s a good deal for a bit of tulle! :O At this point I realised that if you put the word wedding in front of anything the price will automatically sky rocket! So I thought to myself, I’m going to make a veil myself, seriously how hard can it be!

Here is a handy guide that shows the different lengths of veils:

Bridal veil length

I’m lucky in that I come from a family of seamstresses, so when I hatched this crazy idea to make my own veil, it was met with support – which is good because the last thing I sewed was a U-part wig and that doesn’t require much sewing skills!

I’ve since fallen in love with a veil by a very famous designer, I don’t want to post it as I don’t want to give anything away before my wedding. Making the veil myself means that I’ll be able to do it cheaper than what it’s being sold for and I’ll have something with a real personal touch for my big day. And if I ever have a daughter and pass it on to her, it would mean a lot to know that she is wearing not only the veil that I wore, but also the veil that I made.

Anyway, here is the pattern that I’m going to use, as you can see it comes with a variety of styles to choose from. I found the pattern on eBay for £7.

Butterick pattern B4487 make your own wedding veil
I’ve started to source the tulle and edging that I need to create my veil. I’ll let you know how its coming along in the next few months. Planning a wedding can be busy and stressful but taking the time to do a crafty project like this will not only be fun but it also helps to save the pennies so that you can put them towards something else. So, what do you think? Would you give making your own veil a go?

Look out for a post about choosing the right veil for you and your dress, coming very soon.

JG x

Review of the Bridea Box: A must have for the UK bride-to-be

Bridea Box Review

The Bridea Box

I was ridiculously excited this week when my Bridea Box arrived in the post. What is a Bridea Box you ask? Well think of it as a giant graze box that is packed with fantastic wedding ideas and savings from favours to bridesmaid dresses instead of healthy snacks.

Bridea Box Review

I first sampled one of these boxes a few months ago when they had a special deal on where I only had to pay for postage and packaging. A few days later this super cute pink packet arrived in the post with money off vouchers, natural flower confetti and much more wedding planning goodies. The Bridea Box that arrived this week was like that first packet on steroids. It cost £15.95 (including p&p) and is definitely worth every penny.

Wedding planning is fun but let’s face it, spending hours on Pinterest and trawling through wedding fairs can also be a little bit tiring. The Bridea Box saves you time, effort and those annoying sales conversations at fairs and instead sends you fabulous ideas for your wedding straight to your door.

Bridea box goodies review

The Bridea goodies laid out on my bed

The box contains over 20 wedding samples! The highlight of this month’s box were definitely the white wedding flip flops in the sparkly organza bag. My fiancé and I are still trying to decide whether we want a traditional or beach wedding and these may have just slightly swayed me. Also included were some delicious artisan du chocolat favour boxes filled with yummy flavours such as milk chocolate filled with passion fruit, dark chocolate praline and milk chocolate pistachio. There were also forget-me-not seed packets, customised tea bags and wine labels, save the date balloons, I Do stickers for bridal shoes, a Team Bride photo booth prop and so many flyers with great savings on everything from wedding lingerie to hair accessories.

Artisan chocolates from the bridea box

Yummy artisan chocolates that are perfect as favours!

There is so much to go through in these Bridea Boxes and best of all I can do it whilst enjoying a cuppa and relaxing on the sofa. I’m not sure how long it will be until the next box is available but I absolutely cannot wait to see what goodies the Bridea ladies will include.

Inside the Bridea Box

Inside the Bridea Box

JG x