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ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503

Wig: ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503

Colour: 2

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Save 10% at Beauty Empire Store when you use the code jade10

ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503 wig bag

The first thing I said when I put this unit on was WOW! The hair fell down to my waist and the curl pattern is just stunning!

So here’s what you’re going to love about this unit….

1. The curl pattern pattern

ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503 wigJust look at it…need I say more? I am totally in love with it and the texture reminds me of a picture of India O’Neill wearing The Vanity Box’s Malaysian Curly bundles when brushed out.

The Vanity Box Malaysian Curly

2. The length and cut

ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503 OK so you may or may not love the Rapunzel length hair but I love it! No, I’m not going to wear it to the office but it’s definitely an out-of-work-show-stopper. It’s also already layered.






3. You can straighten it

Tahiti BS503 is a human hair style mix, meaning it’s 100% human hair mixed with a proprietary fabricated texture. My Vienna BS505 unit is made of the same texture and I was able to straighten it on the lowest setting on my hair straighteners (310F).

4. The price

ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503 reviewFor hair that looks like it cost you $300 for three bundles and a closure a $50-something price tag is really good!







5. Big head friendliness 

ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503 cap constructionBrown Sugar collection wigs are always quite roomy and Tahiti is no different. This unit fits comfortably on my head and it has combs and straps that I can use to tighten/ secure it even further if I need to.





Here’s what you might want to change…

1. The knots

ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503 knotsUnfortunately, you can see the knots on the lace parting space. It’s knot a huge deal (see what I did there…?) because the hair is so big that once you do a flip over you can’t see them anyway. Note: As the hair isn’t 100% human I would not recommend attempting to bleach it.





2. Tangles…maybe?!

It hasn’t tangled yet, but my Brown Sugar Vienna did and it’s made of the same texture. The curl patterns are different though so we’ll see…

All in all…

Up until this point my favorite curly unit was the Outre Batik Peruvian lace front wig. However, that has now changed, the Tahiti BS503 is my favorite curly unit right now. I’m so in love. Let’s see how the curls hold up…

Want to see the unit in action? Watch the review on YouTube below…

JG x

Flaming Hot Fall Hair |Bobbi Boss MLF160 Mercury Wig Review | Beauty Empire Store

Bobbi Boss Mercury Beauty Empire Store

Wig: Bobbi Boss MLF160 Mercury

Colour: TT1B/RPUR

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Save 10% at Beauty Empire Store when you use the code jade10

Bobbi Boss MLF160 Mercury


What you’re going to LOVE about this unit… 

1, The colour

I’m always more of a brunette, black or blonde kind of girl but I wanted to do something different for Fall 2016 – and OMG I love this shade. The TT1B/RPUR has dark roots so it matches perfectly when I leave a little of my baby hair out. It’s also this stunning combination of red and purple, which gives it great depth.

2, The swiss lace and parting space

Bobbi Boss Mercury MLF160 Review

If my edges could talk they would say that ‘swiss lace is what dreams are made of’. I can wear this unit all day and the lace feels super soft and not scratchy like hard lace. The lace does not bunch up on me either. The parting space is an awesome 4″ by 4″ too!






3, The style

Bobbi Boss MLF160 Mercury

You’ll want to brush this unit out when you first get it to get rid of the perfect looking curls. But once you do you’ll be left with gorgeous loose waves.

Just to let you know I love my silky and my yaki wigs and you’ll find that Mercury is silky.





4, Cap construction

Bobbi Boss MLF160 Mercury cap construction Bobbi Boss MLF160 Mercury cap construction

There are two combs in the front on either side of the part and another at the back. This unit also has adjustable straps.


5, No tangling or shedding 

So far I haven’t noticed any of either, which is fab!


What you might want to change.. 

1, Big head friendliness

Yes, my head is on the bigger size. And, yes, I can be lazy when it comes to slapping on my wigs. I like to just put my hair in two canerows and shove it under my wig cap and wig. However, for me to wear Bobbi Boss MLF160 Mercury I did have to canerow (or if you’re American, cornrow) my hair in more than two so that it was flatter. However, once the unit was on it was snug without being tight – and I’m pretty sure that I could do a decent up-do with it.


All in all… 

I love this unit and can’t wait to rock it over the next few months!


Want to see the unit in action? Watch the review on YouTube below… 


JG x


Outre Batik Peruvian Lace Front Wig : A Review

Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Part Batik Peruvian Bundle Hair

Wig: Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Part Batik Peruvian Bundle Hair

Colour: S4/30

Curly Wurly 

I absolutely love big bouncy curls and I have been dying to go curly for a while now.  I actually bought a blonde curly wig from AliExpress a few months ago and while it looked fabulous in pictures it was way too big in person! I couldn’t wear it out. I wanted to find something that looked natural without breaking bank. Outre’s Batik Peruvian Bundle Hair Wig is almost the perfect curly wurly wig!


First impressions… 

I ordered the wig from It came to $28.74 (Wig=$22.99, Shipping within US=$8.05, Coupon Code=Nicole which took 10% off). Overall that’s not a bad price.

sistawigs Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Part Batik Peruvian Bundle Hair

Above are the contents of the wig shipment. Sistawigs send out a free wig cap with their wigs, which is good as my current one has holes in it…

Care guide Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Part Batik Peruvian Bundle Hair

Here’s a copy of the care guide.


So the first things that I notice when I put the wig on are: 

  1. This hair is SO SOFT! It doesn’t feel synthetic at all. It feels human.
  2. The hair is ridiculously long and is in desperate need of a cut.


hair is too full Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Part Batik Peruvian Bundle Hair

Too much hair!

Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Part Batik Peruvian Bundle Hair

In my opinion the length of the hair made it look like it wasn’t mine. Come on we don’t wear wigs because we want them to look wiggy.  The hair texture and colour was so realistic but I had to pull my scissors out and give it a cut.


Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Part Batik Peruvian Bundle Hair

Terrible quality but this picture shows you how much I cut off

As you can see I cut a fair bit off this wig. First I just went straight across with the scissors and then I took it off put it on my idea of a wig head (a large shampoo bottle at the end of a table…my usual styrofoam wig head is in England) and then cut some layers into it so the hair didn’t look so heavy.


Realistic or nah? 

Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Part Batik Peruvian Bundle Hair

The L part


Outre’s Batik Peruvian Bundle Hair Wig has a fantastic deep part. Above is a picture of it before I’ve done anything to it. No plucking and no powder. I love the ample parting space, and think the wig looks great worn with the part (and with powder), but I do prefer to flip the hair over so there’s no part at all. I still need to work out just the right amount of ‘flip’ so that I don’t have to have my neck crooked though…haha.

The part Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Part Batik Peruvian Bundle Hair

Wearing the wig with the part

Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Part Batik Peruvian Bundle Hair

Flip over method

I’m a big fan of the colour 4. It’s a great deep chocolate brown that I think works really well with my skin tone especially in the winter time when I’m a bit paler. Coupled with the 30, in the S4/30, the depth of colour in the wig is fantastic and looks so natural.

Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Part Batik Peruvian Bundle Hair


The wig holds well without any combs but there are three in there if you want to use them. Also I should mention that this wig is big head friendly! I have a bit of a large coconut and it fits comfortably with my hair braided underneath.

Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Part Batik Peruvian Bundle Hair

Three combs. Two at the front and one at the back.


All in all… 

This is a fantastic wig once you’ve done a bit of work to do. Give it a good trim, powder the part or flip it over and you’ve got a great new look. The hair texture and colour is super natural and you are bound to turn a few heads.


JG x

Crochet an easy winter hat

beginners easy crochet hat

Since learning how to crochet a few months ago I have become hooked! (Cheesy pun intended). I’ve made bralettes, scarfs, infinity scarfs and amigurumi toys.

I found this super easy pattern to crochet a winter hat and wanted to share it with you all. It’s a Lion brand yarn pattern which can be found here. I actually chained 47 to start as I copied the height of one of my favourites Abercrombie and Fitch hats.

I used:

  • a 5mm (H) crochet hook
  • yarn needle
  • worsted weight yarn from love
  • cardboard to make a pom poms

Some useful videos:

My hat in pictures 


This was after about 30 rows – I kept wrapping the fabric around my head to ensure it would fit. I made about 60-70ish rows in total


The ribbed pattern



This is after I weaved yarn through the longer length of the hat. Once threaded I pulled the yarn together and tied a couple knots to secure it. At this point it looked how it does in the above picture however there was still a small hole so I sowed it together.


Here I’m sowing the side together with a yarn needle


I’ve got enough left to make a pom pom!


Pom pom making


Watching pom pom making on YouTube




The final product!


This hat took me a few hours over two days. Single crochets seem to take  FOREVER to grow especially after my last project was made with treble crochets – but stick with it and you’ll have a lovely homemade crochet hat!

JG x





Thank you and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Jade Gabriell

Wow! It’s 2016. I just wanted to take this time to say thank you and Happy New Year to the thousands of people that have visited both this blog and in 2015. As my other blog is focussed on my journey to publication, I started this blog in April as a way to share all of my other passions and interests, and I’ve been blown away by the amount of support that I’ve received. It really makes me happy seeing my stats, reading comments and talking to so many followers and other bloggers that I’ve spoken to as a result of this blog!

My top five posts in 2015 were: 

  1. A review of the Bridea Box: A must have for the UK Bride-to-be
  2. The perfect Autumnal (Fall) hobby that you need to start
  3. Transformation Tuesday with a Freedom Makeup London Haul
  4. Kiss Ever-EZ Lashes in Number 11: A review
  5. Septum piercing: Yes or No? 

Get ready for more beauty, hair, crochet and wedding posts in 2016! 

Be sure to like, follow or comment on my blog – I love connecting with other bloggers and readers!

JG x


It’s a Christmas wig off!

Christmas is just days away and that can only mean one thing….I need a new hair-do! As some of you know I cut nearly all of the relaxer out of my hair and have been rocking a super slick short do. I love it but I also want beautiful bouncy curls on Christmas day.

So in the ring we have Sensationnel Lace Wig (with Front Extension) in Kerry (colour 4) versus Sleek’s Fashion Idol 101 Lace Wig in Rose (colour FS4/27).






There’s not really much to say here. Both came in boxes and were packaged as you would expect a boxed wig to be. Tissue paper, netting around the hair etc.

fashion idol 101 rose and sensationnel kerry lace front



Lace and fit  

Sleek’s Rose had lace at the front and at the back of the wig making it look even more natural if it was worn in an up-do. I have a medium to large sized head and I have to say that the Sleek wig definitely fit my head better. Sensationnel wigs always come up a big small on me. Sensationnel’s Kerry feels a bit tight and I wouldn’t be able to put it in a proper pony tail because you can see the sides of my natural hair when it’s up.

Sensationnel Kerry and Sleek Rose

Left: Sleek (Rose). Right: Sensationnel (Kerry)

Neither wig has much parting space. To be honest I wouldn’t even attempt to part Sleek’s Rose. Sensationnel has a small natural part already in it, however for those who like a deep part neither wig would do very well. They do both however, have cute baby hairs which help the wigs blend better with my natural hair.

Sensationnel Lace front Kerry and Sleek fashion idol 101 Rose

Left: Sleek (Rose). Right: Sensationnel (Kerry)


I’m really feeling chocolatey brown colours at the moment in particular shade 4. I find black a little harsh with my skin tone in the winter when I’m paler. Both wigs are predominantly shade 4, however Sleek’s Rose has shade 27 (dark blonde) highlights running through it, which actually gives the wig a really nice overall colouring. I’m not too keen on the way the highlights just come out of the front making me look like Rogue from X-Men but overall I like it.


Sleek (Rose) - Colour FS4/27

Sleek (Rose) – Colour FS4/27



Sensationnel (Kerry) – Colour 4


Hair Texture

Sensationnel Kerry and Sleek Fashion 101 Rose

Left: Sleek (Rose). Right: Sensationnel (Kerry)

As you can see from the pictures in this blog post both wigs have lovely curls in them. Sleek’s Rose wig has looser curls and almost a forties wavy feel to it and without any layers the hair falls quite long. Sensationnel’s Kerry has tighter curls, in some places they look like barrel curls, and it also has layers and a fringe. Kerry definitely has a more modern feel.

Sleek’s Rose is ‘100% premium tongable (up to 200C) synthetics fibres’. It may be a ‘premium fibre’ but as soon as I took it out of the box I noticed that it was going frizzy in places.

Sensationnel’s Kerry is a ‘new futura fibre’ and is heat safe up to 180C (350F). I’ve worn it twice now and the curls still look lovely. I have another futura wig which holds up really well compared to other synthetic wigs, so I have high hopes for Kerry!



I picked up Sleek’s Rose from eBay for £34.99 including delivery, it arrives within a few days. Sensationnel’s Kerry I got from Paks in Peckham, London for £29.99. For a synthetic wig in the UK both are reasonably priced. However, I can’t wait to move to the states where wig price are in dollars. I have a feeling is going to be my favourite online beauty store.


So which wig I am going to wear for Santa this year? Honestly, I’m not too sure. I’m going to wear the Sensationnel wig this week to work and see how it holds up, however it seems more like an everyday work wig. Whereas, I really like the tones and glamorous look of Rose and think she’ll look great with my holiday makeup on the day… even if she only lasts the day…


Recreate my holiday makeup with: 


  • Freedom Pro Primer
  • Kat VonD Lock-it Tattoo Foundation – Medium 62
  • Freedom Conceal Pro – Dark
  • Freedom Conceal Powder Kit- Medium 01
  • Maybelline Fit me! Powder – Toffee 330
  • Accessorise Baked Bronzer
  • Makeup Revolution London Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade – Dark Brown
  • Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Iconic 2  (Use the Gold and Copper)
  • Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner – Black
  • Ardell Demi Wispies
  • Eyelure Lashfix glue
  • Rimmel Lip Liner Exaggerate – 024
  • Rimmel Lipstick Lasting Finish by Kate – 107


JG x