How I crocheted my mermaid tail blanket



Oh my goodness, I am feeling like Ariel with my latest crochet creation! My six-year old self would be extremely pleased.

If you want to recreate this blanket the first thing you are going to need is patience, the second thing is a keen eye, and thirdly you’ll need the list of things I used, which are below.

You’ll need: 

  • 6mm (J) crochet hook (for the tail)
  • 6.5mm (K) crochet hook (for the fin)
  • scissors
  • yarn needle
  • 6 skeins of worsted weight yarn. I used Red Heart Super saver in Macaw which I bought in-store from Walmart however it’s also available on 



For the tail: 

The stunning shell stitches, created by double crocheting five times in a stitch every two stitches, is what initially drew me to this video by YARNutopia by Nadia. Plus the construction is explained in such detail that makes it perfect for a beginner or intermediate crocheter. I didn’t want to switch colours every round so I just used one ombre colour throughout and it still looks fantastic.


The beautiful shell stitches

Note: I am 5ft 5″ and I used the LARGE pattern. Round 75 onwards is still the same as round 67 onwards in the Medium pattern so you can still follow along with the video.

Watch the video

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 13.46.10

View the written instructions 


For the fin: 

Note: I used a 6.5mm crochet hook for the fin.

I decided that I wanted a larger, more defined fin for my mermaid tail so I turned to a video uploaded by Annoo Crochet Designs. The fin tutorial starts at 14.43. My fin didn’t 100% go to plan. One was slightly larger than the other and I didn’t finish my stitch in the same place as Annoo. It was late at night and I was watching TV at the same time so I probably just messed something up. It was very easy to rectify though and in the end my fin looked fantastic.

Watch the video

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 14.00.20

View the written instructions: 

User, Surekha Singh, in the comments had typed these up:

Pattern for fin (crocheting in rows)

  • Make a slip knot and 51 chains
  • Round 1: hdc in 2nd chain from hook, hdc in next chain*, chain 1, turn around
  • Round 2: hdc in back part of stitch*, stop 3 stitches from the end, chain 1, turn around.
  • Round 3: hdc in back part of stitch*, chain 1, turn around
  • Repeat Rounds 2 and 3, until you have 22 rows
  • Make 2 of the above (for both halves of the fin)

Watch the video for putting the fin together and attaching to the tail.

Here are some of the pictures that I took as I was going along: 

This is Sable, my schnauzer puppy, eyeing up my yarn! She grabbed it at one point and tangled the whole thing up. However, she’s since learned to keep away.


Working on the fin:

IMG_3080 IMG_3085

Crocheting the pieces of the fin together:









Almost finished:

IMG_3088 IMG_3089

Don’t forget to turn the fin/tail over when you are attaching the fin to ensure there are no holes like the below example.









Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


JG x

What to do post “I do!” checklist

Think that after you’ve said I do that you’ll be finally rid of your to-do list? Think again. 

Planning a wedding of any size requires a checklist of some sorts. Despite having an intimate destination wedding in Key Biscayne, FL even my to-do list seemed like it was taking over my life at times. If you’re planning a destination wedding make sure you take a look at my tips.

Once I returned home in my newly-wedded bliss it was then that I started to realise all of things that now needed to be done. Updating my I.D., my social security number, writing out thank you notes… The list goes on…

Thankfully, I was provided with this helpful checklist from that has everything a newlywed needs to do, all in one place.  So make your newlywed life easier and download it now! You’re welcome!

Newlywed Checklist 2


JG x

Destination wedding planning tips!


Credit: Small Miami Weddings

Our wedding is FINALLY happening…and it’s happening fast! Two weeks ago I moved countries, I move into my new apartment tomorrow, a month today we get married in Miami, and a few days after that we pick up our new puppy. Breathe.

Everything is a big adjustment at the moment and also a bit hectic. We’re having an intimate Miami wedding but just because it’s small doesn’t mean that it’s completely stress free. I still haven’t even confirmed our reception dinner or even started on the favours…

We wanted a destination wedding for many reasons, including keeping the ceremony intimate, treating ourselves to a lovely holiday and to save a bit of money. Our wedding has been a long time coming and we wanted to take this opportunity to share the ceremony with those closest to us.


Here are my tips for planning a destination wedding: 

  1. Choose a location that suits you – Don’t let family members try and pressure you into a location because they want an excuse to go on holiday there. If you and your fiancé have a connection to a certain place, then choose it. Those family and friends that care about you both will make the trip to be there if they care enough and of course finances permitting. We chose Miami over Orlando and my family are still going to pitstop in Orlando to do the theme parks for a couple of days.
  2. Make sure your trust your planner 100% – We were looking at two planner/ coordinators. One a beach wedding coordinator with a host of reviews and who has been featured on various wedding websites i.e. Style Me Pretty. And the other a planner with just a couple of reviews. The planner would have looked after everything from the ceremony to the reception, whereas the coordinator just handles the ceremony. In the end we went we the coordinator. It means more work for us but my nerves would have been fraught if I had of put my trust in someone that I wasn’t 100% about.
  3. Check the marriage license laws in the country/ state you choose – Some places require you to have been in the area for a certain amount of days before the wedding or for you to have blood tests. Make sure you know in advance. Thankfully our coordinator’s package includes licensing assistance.
  4. Stay organised/ Get a wedding checklist – Even though there are less people to think about with an intimate wedding there are still things to consider i.e. feeding them, sharing travel plans, favours etc. Wedding checklists are easily downloadable and can help you stay on track.
  5. If you are having an outdoor wedding make sure you have a back up plan – Don’t let your special day be rained out. Have an alternative that also works for you.
  6. Yelp is your friend – If you are planning an intimate dinner for your wedding reception like me then Yelp is a life saver. I can’t actually go to the restaurant before picking it so reading reviews from actual diners and seeing pictures of actual meals is very helpful.
  7. Make sure your outfit/ outfits suit the wedding location – I choose my dress before realising that we would have a beach ceremony. While my dress is perfect for the place where we will have our portrait session it’s not really a beach dress. It’s too late now and I’m in love with my dress anyway, however I’ve got myself a lighter second outfit that I’ll change into for the meal.
  8. Pinterest is your friend – Download the app for your tablet now. You won’t regret it. It’s so addictive and you will get some fantastic ideas!
  9. Choosing vendors: if they’re good, there will be reviews online – I can’t stress this enough. Unless you know the person i.e. a new photographer who has just graduated from uni and offers to photograph your wedding on the cheap, don’t go with someone if they can’t give you any reviews or recommendations for previous clients. It’s not worth the stress.

That’s it for now.

JG x

K1 fiancé(e) visa: London medical and interview

k1 fiance visa medical interview london

Ever seen that show 90 Day Fiance? Well that’s going to be me in a couple of weeks. I’m getting married to my american fiancé and I’ve got 90 days to do so. I’ll blog about my wedding planning experiences soon, but until then I wanted to write up my experience of the medical and the interview to help other K1 couples. If you have any questions feel free to comment and I’ll get back to you.


Our timeline 

11 December 2014 – NOA1

24 November 2015 – NOA2 (hardest wait of our lives! The Texas service centre sucks)

03 December 2015 – Documents left NVC

11 December 2015 – London embassy received our documents

22 December 2015 – Notification of readiness sent

29 December 2015 – Packet 3 received

08 January 2016 – Medical in London

16 January 2016 – Packet 4 (interview date) received

02 February 2016 – Interview – APPROVED

09 February 2016 – Visa described as ‘Issued’ on CEAC

11 February 2016 – Tracking information received by email

12 February 2016 – Visa in hand…(427 days from NOA1)


The medical 

Scheduling the medical was the hardest part of the process. On the day I realised that London had received our case files (11 December 2015) I started calling Knightsbridge Doctors to get my appointment booked. The phone rang and rang. A girl picked up at one point and then hung up. I decided to give them an hour and then call them after lunch by which point they had closed. It was so frustrating. So I tried again on Monday morning and after 15 minutes of the phone ringing they finally picked up.

I booked my appointment for Friday 08 January 2016 at 13.10 (they did have appointment dates sooner however I wanted to get my immunisations in order and I wanted a long weekend in London). My medical was performed at the clinic at 4 Bentinck Mansions. When I asked my doctor at the appointment he said that this clinic was specifically for visa medicals and was not a regular GP unlike their sister clinic 15 Basil Mansions.



So I arrived at the clinic for 1pm, there was a buzzer that let me into the main building. I entered a foyer and the door to the clinic was on the right. Inside I was checked in at reception which was a hole in the wall that led into an office. They asked for:

  • 4 photographs (regular sized were fine they did not need to be the larger US visa size)
  • Vaccination records
  • Passport, driving license or photo license;
  • Police certificate issued by ACPO
  • Medical questionnaire.

They then gave me another questionnaire to fill out which was almost exactly the same as the medical questionnaire that has to be filled out before you get there. I went into the waiting room, filled it out, and then brought in back a few minutes later. The waiting room was a typical room with a few sofas and chairs, magazines and a jug of water with cups.

At 13.20 I was called through to have my x-ray. The technician was very friendly. I was wearing a red jumper with stars on it and he made jokes about it looking quite American. I went behind a screen and took of my top and bra (note: do not wear a dress to your medical unless you want it hanging around your waist at this point) and put on the short robe that he provided me with. I then had an x-ray of my lungs taken. He took a quick look at it on the screen and said that there didn’t look as though there was anything to worry about but it would be sent off along with my other tests.

By 13.30 I was shown to the ladies waiting room, where I was still wearing the robe and my jeans. Five minutes later I was called in to have a chat with a male doctor called Doctor Chaudhry. He went through my medical questionnaire with me, then I was shown to a bed where I was asked to de-robe. He felt my stomach, listened to my lungs, gave me a blood test and tested my blood pressure. He also performed an external exam of my lady parts. The US are mainly concerned about TB (which is why you have the x-ray and your lungs listened to) and syphilis (which is why they check your external nether-regions). Also the doctor needs to check down there to ensure that you are the gender you say you are…the US ask them to.

After this was over I got dressed, made my way back to the main waiting room which is where I was first of all when I filled out my questionnaire. Five minutes later I was called in to see the nurse, my immunisations were all up-to-date so I was good to go.

I stopped by reception to pay the £250 fee. They also gave me a document that I need to keep for my Adjustment of Status (AOS) once in the states. They told me that my results would be with the embassy within four working days and as long as I didn’t hear from them then my results were all good. Thankfully, I didn’t hear from them again and a week later I had received my interview date. I wasn’t expecting to hear that quickly but when I sent my notice of readiness form to the embassy I did put on there that I wanted to get married at the beginning of February rather than some far off date.


The interview 


Credit: It was too dark when I got there to take a picture

(Note: this is not like a job interview so feel free to go as casual as you want. I wore trainers.)

I was so nervous for the interview, even though I knew the chance of getting rejected was basically impossible. I think it was just the anticipation of waiting for so long to get to this point. My appointment was for 8am and after reading other people’s experiences I decided to get there early.

I left my house in Hampshire at 5.30am and made it to the embassy in Grosvenor Square by 6:58 (the sun hadn’t even risen!). (Take the underground to Bond Street and walk from there, it’s the closest station). Already there were seven people queuing up. Though as I found out later I was the first queuing for an immigration visa. By quarter past seven there were already about forty people in line behind me. It definitely pays to get there early if you have an 8am appointment.

At 7:25 staff came out and set up their station and they began to sort people by immigration visa (i.e. the K1), non-immigrant visa (i.e. a J1) and those who had a later appointment (i.e. 8:30am and had just gotten there mega-early). They only asked to see my interview letter and passport at this point. As I was a K1 I bypassed the people in front of me who had non-immigrant visas and went straight through security. (Note: the security guard also asked to see my passport and letter).

The security check is in a small glass building. They asked if I had any jewellery; I wasn’t wearing a watch or a belt and was allowed to keep my ring on. I had to put my iPad and iPhone in a clear plastic bag that they gave me and then everything went into a plastic tray just like at the airport. Unlike the airport, I was allowed to keep my bulky coat and hat on as I walked through the security scanner.

I was inside by 7:36 where I was checked in at reception. I handed over my letter and passport (I might have given my DS-160 too, I don’t recall) and the man on reception attached a few stickers to it. I was given the number: I901, which is the first immigrant visa of the day! Yay!

After that I walked upstairs into a large waiting room where all chairs point towards a screen at one end of the room. Surrounding the room are what look like bank teller stations where immigrant officers sit behind glass screens. Stations 1-11 are in the main hall and 12 – 25 are around the corner where a Photo-Me Photobooth and the toilets are. By 8am the screen was pinging and numbers were flashing up assigning a station to a number. At 8.05 my station pinged up, number 16.

The man behind my booth was very friendly. He congratulated me on my engagement and asked me to hand over my documents. Here is a checklist of what to bring to your K1 interview. In addition to this you need to bring your appointment letter and your print-out confirming how you want your passport delivered as they do ask to see both. Please note that you do not need to bring photocopies of everything…I did and the officer did not want them. This may just be a London embassy thing though. The man took a scan of my picture and then gave it back to me and asked me a few questions, have I been in the military, married before, when am I planning to fly out (I said as soon as I have the visa in hand). He also gave me an envelope containing a CD of my x-ray. By 8.14 I was finished with him and back in the waiting room which had filled up with more people.

The screen pings so frequently that I didn’t want to read a book (and also my nerves were on edge). If you miss your number they will ping it again so feel free to use the loo or read a book or whatever. At 8.55am my number pinged again and my legs felt like jelly as I walked towards the booth that would determine mine and my fiancé’s future. It was the same booth as before but the officer was different. He asked me to raise my right hand and swear to tell the truth. He then asked me a few questions about how me and my fiancé met, when he proposed. Then he threw me by asking what annoys me about my fiancé (I said his laid back demeanour haha). And then he told me I approved! Yay! He said ‘as long as I hadn’t bombed a bank in Thailand or something that’ I’ll have my visa in hand in two weeks. I had popped to the loo and was out of the embassy by 9.01!

JG x 

Crochet an easy winter hat

beginners easy crochet hat

Since learning how to crochet a few months ago I have become hooked! (Cheesy pun intended). I’ve made bralettes, scarfs, infinity scarfs and amigurumi toys.

I found this super easy pattern to crochet a winter hat and wanted to share it with you all. It’s a Lion brand yarn pattern which can be found here. I actually chained 47 to start as I copied the height of one of my favourites Abercrombie and Fitch hats.

I used:

  • a 5mm (H) crochet hook
  • yarn needle
  • worsted weight yarn from love
  • cardboard to make a pom poms

Some useful videos:

My hat in pictures 


This was after about 30 rows – I kept wrapping the fabric around my head to ensure it would fit. I made about 60-70ish rows in total


The ribbed pattern



This is after I weaved yarn through the longer length of the hat. Once threaded I pulled the yarn together and tied a couple knots to secure it. At this point it looked how it does in the above picture however there was still a small hole so I sowed it together.


Here I’m sowing the side together with a yarn needle


I’ve got enough left to make a pom pom!


Pom pom making


Watching pom pom making on YouTube




The final product!


This hat took me a few hours over two days. Single crochets seem to take  FOREVER to grow especially after my last project was made with treble crochets – but stick with it and you’ll have a lovely homemade crochet hat!

JG x





Ideas for a bookish wedding

Bookish literary wedding ideas

If you are getting married and you, like me, love books then this post is for you. Although I won’t be wearing a wedding dress made from the pages of my favourite books, I think there are some lovely subtle ways to have a bookish theme on your big day. Here are some ideas:

Book Confetti 

alice-in-wonderland-book-confettiAlice in Wonderland Confetti by Literary Emporium – £3.50 

This Alice in Wonderland confetti might be a bit quirky for some weddings but why not use a romance novel instead? It’s a fantastic DIY project and so much more interesting than standard confetti.

Literary Bridesmaid Gifts

Catt charm necklace inspired by Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway Cat Lover Necklace by Literary Emporium – £11.60

One of my bridesmaids is mad about cats and this is a cute gift which she would absolutely love.

Literary Table Names

Literary table names

I absolutely love how the author name has been combined with a quote to create a cute table name.

The Book Arch 

Wedding Book Arch

If you and your future husband or wife are both mad about books then why not? Who needs flowers anyway?

Literary Cufflinks

Jane Austen Cufflinks

Jane Austen Cufflinks by Jezebel Charms (on Etsy) – £10.26

What a perfect gift for ushers, a best man or even a husband-to-be on the day of the wedding. There are plenty of options on Etsy so you are sure to find a pair to suit.

Library Card Wedding Guest Book

library card wedding guestbook

library card wedding guest book

Library Card Wedding Guest Book from bindingbee (on etsy) – over £100 

This is such a unique idea. It’s a handmade item on Etsy so it is a bit of a splurge. On the other hand, it could made a great DIY wedding project!

A Bookish Wedding Cake 


Why not talk to your cake maker about making you a bookish cake? I love the second one in the picture above, it would be lovely to have romantic verses on it.

Library Card Catalogue 

Library Card catalogue

Such a lovely idea unfortunately I’m unsure where it is sold however I’m sure that it could be replicated by a crafty bride or groom to be!

The Save the Date Bookmark

Save the date bookmarkFor pricing visit: 

A save the date card that doubles up as a bookmark. What a lovely idea!

The Book Ring-Holder

Harry Potter ring holder

Yes, this is Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! Why have a wedding pillow when you could have your favourite book?

Flowers Made of Book Pages 

Literary Bookish wedding flowers

Feeling crafty? Then why not get your bridesmaids together and create these quirky bookish wedding flowers.

That’s it for now folks. Do you have any other ideas for a bookish wedding?

Happy wedding planning!

JG x