Zury Sis Chia Wig Review | Beauty Empire Store

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Chia with the lace on!

Wig: Zury Sis Chia 

Colour: 4

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Having a long dark unit in my wig collection is like having a little black dress in my wardrobe. Chia, with its pre-tweezed parting space might just be the unit for you.


Here’s what you are going to love about this unit… 

   1.The light yaki texture

Back in the day, I remember getting yaki hair that was stiff and unnatural. Chia on the other hand looks like you’ve just gotten yourself a great blow-out. It’s also doesn’t have that fake shine that some wigs have!

   2. The Swiss lace 

What’s not to love? It’s soft on my edges.

   3. Styling options 

Take a look at my YouTube video below for a quick styling idea that I did with this unit. It’s so natural that it makes styling very easy. Plus if you aren’t a fan of the pre-tweezed part you can easily do a flip-over with this unit.


You’re either going to love it or hate it… 

  1. The parting 

The part without any work.

It’s pre-tweezed but that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. As with all wigs it’s still going to need a little bit of work. I added a bit of beige powder before then adding a darker colour to make the part look a little slimmer.




Want to see this unit in action? Watch and subscribe to my YouTube channel below… 


Outre Sherise DR30 wig review | Beauty Empire Store

Wig: Outre Sherise

Colour: DR30

Buy here: beautyempirestore.com

Save 10% at Beauty Empire Store when you use the code jade10

This unit is big head friendly, heat safe up to 400F, and has a standard cap construction (two combs in the front, one in the back and adjustable straps).

So here’s what you’re going to love about this unit….

1. The swiss lace!
Some of my favorite units are Outre wigs however the one downside with them is that they have hard lace which leads to irritation on my edges. However, Sherise is part of Outre’s new swiss lace collection and it feels amazing.

img_5304-1 2. The color!
The DR30 shade is absolutely stunning. I love the rich chocolate brown and there is enough of a dark root that you can blend it with your edges, and not be too worried about the brown hair underneath being exposed on a windy day. This unit also comes in a range of other colors from natural shades to coppery and purple tones.

3. The texture!
This unit resembles relaxed hair and it’s also not shiny, which makes it look quite realistic.



The curls fresh out of the box!

4. The curls!
When I first pulled this unit out of the box the curls were flipped back and what with the length it looked a bit seventies. However, after I pulled them out and fluffed them up the style completely changed and now it’s full of volume.






Here’s what you might want to change…

1. It tangles…
It’s only day two of me wearing this unit and already my hands get stuck when I run them through it. I think it’s a mixture of the relaxed texture and big curls.

All in all…

This is a really pretty unit for work or play – and the color is beautiful. I’m not sure how long it will last but I really like the style.

Want to see the unit in action? Watch the review on YouTube below…

JG x