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ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503

Wig: ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503

Colour: 2

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ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503 wig bag

The first thing I said when I put this unit on was WOW! The hair fell down to my waist and the curl pattern is just stunning!

So here’s what you’re going to love about this unit….

1. The curl pattern pattern

ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503 wigJust look at it…need I say more? I am totally in love with it and the texture reminds me of a picture of India O’Neill wearing The Vanity Box’s Malaysian Curly bundles when brushed out.

The Vanity Box Malaysian Curly

2. The length and cut

ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503 OK so you may or may not love the Rapunzel length hair but I love it! No, I’m not going to wear it to the office but it’s definitely an out-of-work-show-stopper. It’s also already layered.






3. You can straighten it

Tahiti BS503 is a human hair style mix, meaning it’s 100% human hair mixed with a proprietary fabricated texture. My Vienna BS505 unit is made of the same texture and I was able to straighten it on the lowest setting on my hair straighteners (310F).

4. The price

ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503 reviewFor hair that looks like it cost you $300 for three bundles and a closure a $50-something price tag is really good!







5. Big head friendliness 

ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503 cap constructionBrown Sugar collection wigs are always quite roomy and Tahiti is no different. This unit fits comfortably on my head and it has combs and straps that I can use to tighten/ secure it even further if I need to.





Here’s what you might want to change…

1. The knots

ISIS Brown Sugar Tahiti BS503 knotsUnfortunately, you can see the knots on the lace parting space. It’s knot a huge deal (see what I did there…?) because the hair is so big that once you do a flip over you can’t see them anyway. Note: As the hair isn’t 100% human I would not recommend attempting to bleach it.





2. Tangles…maybe?!

It hasn’t tangled yet, but my Brown Sugar Vienna did and it’s made of the same texture. The curl patterns are different though so we’ll see…

All in all…

Up until this point my favorite curly unit was the Outre Batik Peruvian lace front wig. However, that has now changed, the Tahiti BS503 is my favorite curly unit right now. I’m so in love. Let’s see how the curls hold up…

Want to see the unit in action? Watch the review on YouTube below…

JG x

Flaming Hot Fall Hair |Bobbi Boss MLF160 Mercury Wig Review | Beauty Empire Store

Bobbi Boss Mercury Beauty Empire Store

Wig: Bobbi Boss MLF160 Mercury

Colour: TT1B/RPUR

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Save 10% at Beauty Empire Store when you use the code jade10

Bobbi Boss MLF160 Mercury


What you’re going to LOVE about this unit… 

1, The colour

I’m always more of a brunette, black or blonde kind of girl but I wanted to do something different for Fall 2016 – and OMG I love this shade. The TT1B/RPUR has dark roots so it matches perfectly when I leave a little of my baby hair out. It’s also this stunning combination of red and purple, which gives it great depth.

2, The swiss lace and parting space

Bobbi Boss Mercury MLF160 Review

If my edges could talk they would say that ‘swiss lace is what dreams are made of’. I can wear this unit all day and the lace feels super soft and not scratchy like hard lace. The lace does not bunch up on me either. The parting space is an awesome 4″ by 4″ too!






3, The style

Bobbi Boss MLF160 Mercury

You’ll want to brush this unit out when you first get it to get rid of the perfect looking curls. But once you do you’ll be left with gorgeous loose waves.

Just to let you know I love my silky and my yaki wigs and you’ll find that Mercury is silky.





4, Cap construction

Bobbi Boss MLF160 Mercury cap construction Bobbi Boss MLF160 Mercury cap construction

There are two combs in the front on either side of the part and another at the back. This unit also has adjustable straps.


5, No tangling or shedding 

So far I haven’t noticed any of either, which is fab!


What you might want to change.. 

1, Big head friendliness

Yes, my head is on the bigger size. And, yes, I can be lazy when it comes to slapping on my wigs. I like to just put my hair in two canerows and shove it under my wig cap and wig. However, for me to wear Bobbi Boss MLF160 Mercury I did have to canerow (or if you’re American, cornrow) my hair in more than two so that it was flatter. However, once the unit was on it was snug without being tight – and I’m pretty sure that I could do a decent up-do with it.


All in all… 

I love this unit and can’t wait to rock it over the next few months!


Want to see the unit in action? Watch the review on YouTube below… 


JG x