What to do post “I do!” checklist

Think that after you’ve said I do that you’ll be finally rid of your to-do list? Think again. 

Planning a wedding of any size requires a checklist of some sorts. Despite having an intimate destination wedding in Key Biscayne, FL even my to-do list seemed like it was taking over my life at times. If you’re planning a destination wedding make sure you take a look at my tips.

Once I returned home in my newly-wedded bliss it was then that I started to realise all of things that now needed to be done. Updating my I.D., my social security number, writing out thank you notes… The list goes on…

Thankfully, I was provided with this helpful checklist from irs.com that has everything a newlywed needs to do, all in one place.  So make your newlywed life easier and download it now! You’re welcome!

Newlywed Checklist 2


JG x