It’s a Christmas wig off!

Christmas is just days away and that can only mean one thing….I need a new hair-do! As some of you know I cut nearly all of the relaxer out of my hair and have been rocking a super slick short do. I love it but I also want beautiful bouncy curls on Christmas day.

So in the ring we have Sensationnel Lace Wig (with Front Extension) in Kerry (colour 4) versus Sleek’s Fashion Idol 101 Lace Wig in Rose (colour FS4/27).






There’s not really much to say here. Both came in boxes and were packaged as you would expect a boxed wig to be. Tissue paper, netting around the hair etc.

fashion idol 101 rose and sensationnel kerry lace front



Lace and fit  

Sleek’s Rose had lace at the front and at the back of the wig making it look even more natural if it was worn in an up-do. I have a medium to large sized head and I have to say that the Sleek wig definitely fit my head better. Sensationnel wigs always come up a big small on me. Sensationnel’s Kerry feels a bit tight and I wouldn’t be able to put it in a proper pony tail because you can see the sides of my natural hair when it’s up.

Sensationnel Kerry and Sleek Rose

Left: Sleek (Rose). Right: Sensationnel (Kerry)

Neither wig has much parting space. To be honest I wouldn’t even attempt to part Sleek’s Rose. Sensationnel has a small natural part already in it, however for those who like a deep part neither wig would do very well. They do both however, have cute baby hairs which help the wigs blend better with my natural hair.

Sensationnel Lace front Kerry and Sleek fashion idol 101 Rose

Left: Sleek (Rose). Right: Sensationnel (Kerry)


I’m really feeling chocolatey brown colours at the moment in particular shade 4. I find black a little harsh with my skin tone in the winter when I’m paler. Both wigs are predominantly shade 4, however Sleek’s Rose has shade 27 (dark blonde) highlights running through it, which actually gives the wig a really nice overall colouring. I’m not too keen on the way the highlights just come out of the front making me look like Rogue from X-Men but overall I like it.


Sleek (Rose) - Colour FS4/27

Sleek (Rose) – Colour FS4/27



Sensationnel (Kerry) – Colour 4


Hair Texture

Sensationnel Kerry and Sleek Fashion 101 Rose

Left: Sleek (Rose). Right: Sensationnel (Kerry)

As you can see from the pictures in this blog post both wigs have lovely curls in them. Sleek’s Rose wig has looser curls and almost a forties wavy feel to it and without any layers the hair falls quite long. Sensationnel’s Kerry has tighter curls, in some places they look like barrel curls, and it also has layers and a fringe. Kerry definitely has a more modern feel.

Sleek’s Rose is ‘100% premium tongable (up to 200C) synthetics fibres’. It may be a ‘premium fibre’ but as soon as I took it out of the box I noticed that it was going frizzy in places.

Sensationnel’s Kerry is a ‘new futura fibre’ and is heat safe up to 180C (350F). I’ve worn it twice now and the curls still look lovely. I have another futura wig which holds up really well compared to other synthetic wigs, so I have high hopes for Kerry!



I picked up Sleek’s Rose from eBay for £34.99 including delivery, it arrives within a few days. Sensationnel’s Kerry I got from Paks in Peckham, London for £29.99. For a synthetic wig in the UK both are reasonably priced. However, I can’t wait to move to the states where wig price are in dollars. I have a feeling is going to be my favourite online beauty store.


So which wig I am going to wear for Santa this year? Honestly, I’m not too sure. I’m going to wear the Sensationnel wig this week to work and see how it holds up, however it seems more like an everyday work wig. Whereas, I really like the tones and glamorous look of Rose and think she’ll look great with my holiday makeup on the day… even if she only lasts the day…


Recreate my holiday makeup with: 


  • Freedom Pro Primer
  • Kat VonD Lock-it Tattoo Foundation – Medium 62
  • Freedom Conceal Pro – Dark
  • Freedom Conceal Powder Kit- Medium 01
  • Maybelline Fit me! Powder – Toffee 330
  • Accessorise Baked Bronzer
  • Makeup Revolution London Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade – Dark Brown
  • Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Iconic 2  (Use the Gold and Copper)
  • Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner – Black
  • Ardell Demi Wispies
  • Eyelure Lashfix glue
  • Rimmel Lip Liner Exaggerate – 024
  • Rimmel Lipstick Lasting Finish by Kate – 107


JG x 

Natural hair update 2: Big Chop

JG after her big chop cutting the relaxer out

I did it! Last weekend I got so fed up so I let my sisters cut my ponytail off! And it felt AMAZING! And scary…very scary! After laughing hysterially for about an hour I think I finally accepted what I’d just done. Thankfully everyone from my mum to my fiancé really likes my new look so I feel more confident about it. There was a moment afterwards where I got a little sad but now, a week later, I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

The big chop 

So I literally just put my hair in a super high ponytail and let my sister cut it off. Whilst effective it probably wasn’t the best way to do it as I had a mullet once I took my hair down. I wish I’d taken pictures of that stage. I looked mad! After the mullet stage my other sister then went in and cleaned it up so it was all (sort of) one length.

Scissors cutting JG's hair Big Chop

big chop. world's tiniest ponytail

My ponytail looks like a powder brush…

JG big chop

My first TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)


Wigging it 

I probably have about two inches of natural hair and the rest is just badly relaxed hair. Needless to say my hair was looking a bit crazy. On Monday I chickened out and decided to wear a wig to work and did so for the rest of the week until I could go to the hairdressers on Saturday.

Salon life 

I went to a salon called Afro Impressions (in Camberley, Surrey). If you are in the Hampshire/Surrey area and are looking for a good hairdressers then I highly recommend them. I had a wash, treatment, colour and cut. They were brilliant. I actually wanted to go blonder however because I still have some relaxed hair we couldn’t because it would just break off. My hair feels in much better condition and I can’t wait for another 4-6 weeks to pass for me to go back and have more of the relaxer cut off.

My hair looks super sleek at the moment but this will most definitely just be a temporary thing because I don’t want to go from relaxed damaged to heat damaged hair. So soon I’ll be rocking a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro).


JG big chop chocolate brown hair

They lightened my hair from about a 1b to a 2

Looking after my hair 

I’ve bought myself some new products including Creme of Nature Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner (which smells divine) and a Mizani Supreme Oil Shampoo and Hair Mask (which cost a bomb but is highly recommended by other hair enthusiasts). I’m intrigued to wash my hair to see just what it’s going to look like now that it’s shorter. I’d like to try and experiment with some perm rods or something but I’m not sure my hair is long enough just yet. Either way I know that I want to keep heat to a minimum.


Doing the big chop was really scary but I’d been thinking about it for a few months and in the end I’m really happy with my decision. If I decide I want a longer do I’ll just pop a wig on anyway. If you are thinking about doing the big chop definitely take a look on Pinterest and Google for some natural short hairstyles so that you can be realistic with what your hair will look like. And then take a deep breath and just do it…after all it’s only hair and it will grow back…

JG x