Easy Halloween Make-up Looks (Poison Ivy): Part Two

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halloween JG poison ivy easy makeup

OK…so you can do this look with your usual green eyeshadow and purple lipstick but I highly recommend Soap and Glory’s Crazy Sexy Kohl Kit and Mac lipstick in Heroine to really make this look pop.

You’ll need:

  • a red wig
  • your foundation
  • contour kit
  • bronzer
  • black liquid eyeliner
  • green eyeshadow
  • green eye pencil
  • purple lipstick
  • eyelash glue
  • false lashes (optional)
  • and leaves from your garden.
halloween easy poison ivy makeup

Changing up the wig 😉

Step 1: apply your foundation

Step 2: really accentuate your cheekbones when you contour. I contoured and then applied bronzer on top so it was extra dark

halloween makeup poison ivy JG easy

Extra bronzed cheek bones

Step 3: I applied my lipstick (It’s a habit whereby I like to have my lips done before my eyes…)

Step 4: (my favourite part) colour your eyebrows in with green pencil

Step 5: apply your green eyeshadow (all the way up to your brows), line your eyes (in black) and apply your false lashes

Step 6: use your eyelash glue to strategically stick the leaves to your face and body.

Eyelash glue and leaves from the garden poison ivy easy makeup look

Eyelash glue and leaves from the garden

Take a look at my easy leopard halloween makeup look and stay tuned for my day of the dead post coming very soon!

Oh and here’s some of the bits that I used to create this look:

halloween makeup bag cheetah leopard

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