Easy Halloween Make-up Looks (Day of the Dead): Part Three

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JG Day of the dead easy halloween makeup look

JG Day of the dead easy halloween makeup

I love Day of the dead makeup looks and was amazed that I had all of the bits to do this one already in my makeup bag!

halloween makeup bag cheetah leopard

You’ll need: 

  • a powder slightly paler than your skin tone
  • black liquid eyeliner
  • eyeshadows in your choice of colour – I used green and purple for the rings around my eyes
  • coloured eye pencils (I recommend Soap and Glory’s Crazy, Sexy, Kohl)

Step 1: powder your face

Step 2: draw the circles around your eyes using your coloured eye pencil and fill in using your choice of eyeshadow. I used a green eye pencil and green eyeliner because I was transforming from my poison ivy makeup look

JG day of the dead easy halloween make up

Step 3: use your liquid eye liner to draw mini rings around the green circles

JG day of the dead easy halloween make up

Step 4: use another coloured pencil to draw swirls or another pattern on your forehead

Step 5:  fill in the mini rings with your eyeshadow colour choice (I used purple)

JG day of the dead easy halloween make up

Step 6: use your eye liner to colour in a triangle shape on your nose and draw lines on your cheeks and mouths to make it seem as if it has been sewn shut.

JG day of the dead easy halloween make up

el final

This is the last part of my easy halloween make-up looks! Make sure you check out my leopard and poison ivy looks! Happy Halloween!!! 

Easy Halloween Make-up Looks (Poison Ivy): Part Two

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halloween JG poison ivy easy makeup

OK…so you can do this look with your usual green eyeshadow and purple lipstick but I highly recommend Soap and Glory’s Crazy Sexy Kohl Kit and Mac lipstick in Heroine to really make this look pop.

You’ll need:

  • a red wig
  • your foundation
  • contour kit
  • bronzer
  • black liquid eyeliner
  • green eyeshadow
  • green eye pencil
  • purple lipstick
  • eyelash glue
  • false lashes (optional)
  • and leaves from your garden.
halloween easy poison ivy makeup

Changing up the wig 😉

Step 1: apply your foundation

Step 2: really accentuate your cheekbones when you contour. I contoured and then applied bronzer on top so it was extra dark

halloween makeup poison ivy JG easy

Extra bronzed cheek bones

Step 3: I applied my lipstick (It’s a habit whereby I like to have my lips done before my eyes…)

Step 4: (my favourite part) colour your eyebrows in with green pencil

Step 5: apply your green eyeshadow (all the way up to your brows), line your eyes (in black) and apply your false lashes

Step 6: use your eyelash glue to strategically stick the leaves to your face and body.

Eyelash glue and leaves from the garden poison ivy easy makeup look

Eyelash glue and leaves from the garden

Take a look at my easy leopard halloween makeup look and stay tuned for my day of the dead post coming very soon!

Oh and here’s some of the bits that I used to create this look:

halloween makeup bag cheetah leopard

Easy Halloween Make-up Looks (leopard): Part One

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I don’t know about you but I love Halloween! I also love super easy halloween looks that don’t cost me a bomb. In this three-part series I’m going to go through easy makeup ideas that you can create using items that you’ll probably already have in your make-up bag!

First look: The Lurvely Leopard  

A classic animal look

Easy cheap Halloween leopard make up


You’ll need:

  • cat ears
  • your foundation
  • contour kit (optional)
  • shimmering gold body powder
  • a brow kit (or brow liner)
  • black eyeliner (liquid and/or pencil)
  • gold eyeshadow
  • brown eyeshadow
  • false eyelashes (optional)
  • and a sure hand.

easy halloween leopard cheetah make up

easy halloween leopard cheetah makeupStep 1: apply your foundation and contour

Step 2: apply the shimmer powder all over your face

Step 3: sort your brows out

Step 4: apply your gold  and brown eyeshadow and then line your eyes (you can pop your false lashes on here)

Step  5: draw a heart on your nose, fill in your top lip with a black eyeliner and draw on your whiskers

Step 6: decide where you want your leopard spots and draw them by using your eyeliner to make wavy C and O shapes. Once you have the black sorted use your gold eyeshadow to fill in the spots.

RAW! You’re all done!

And in case you were wondering what was in my bag…

halloween makeup bag cheetah leopard

Stay tuned for Poison Ivy and Day of the Dead looks!

Get the look: Co-ordination with a Luxemme two piece

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I love a matching two-piece and this little stunner from Luxemme was the perfect edition to my collection before Autumn came and swept over England.


Limited Edition: Alayna Floral Contrast Two Piece from Luxemme

Outfit: Limited Edition: Alayna Floral Contrast Two Piece from Luxemme* 

Price: £35.00

Size: 10 (though the label says M)

Delivery: £3.95 (standard)

My Luxemme delivery

My Luxemme delivery

From the moment my parcel arrived I knew that I was in for a treat. Luxemme’s clothes arrive wrapped in black tissue paper with a hand addressed envelope containing the invoice. It’s this kind of small but personal touch that I love when ordering from an online boutique rather than a huge online retailer.


This two-piece is beautiful, and from the moment I saw it on their instagram I knew that I had to have it. It has a unique floral pattern and is made from a lightweight fabric that is perfect for the warmer months. Whilst I wish the weather in England was warm enough for me to get a few more wears from it Luxemme have some lovely looking jackets  online at the moment that seem perfect for the Autumn chill.

If you haven’t already make sure you check out Luxemme on instagramtwitter and Facebook!

JG x

The perfect autumnal (fall) hobby that you need to start

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Think crochet is just for grannies? Think again. 

homemade crochet bralette

My homemade crochet bralette

Homemade crochet bralette

I taught myself how to crochet in an evening and within a week I had made a sexy bralette! If you don’t crochet already I highly recommend starting this Autumn (Fall).

Baby Monsters – basic amigurumi 

baby monsters amigurumi

Bob Aspen and Rosie Spice
Amigurumi crochet

I started by making these super cute baby monsters. I’d never crocheted before but found the mixture of written instructions and the youtube video to be the perfect combination to learn these basic and essential stitches. I found it so fiddly to start with and almost gave up but I’m really glad I stuck with it, even if it took me two evenings to make one monster at first. The next monster (the orange one) I made it in half the time using the same pattern but a smaller hook. By the way amigurumi is a Japanese style of crocheting stuffed toys.

With this project I learned:

  • magic ring
  • single stitches
  • crochet counting (it sounds silly but you have to count the stitches and it takes a while to get used to…maybe thats just me though lol)
  • how to fasten off

I used:

stylecraft aran yarn

Top: Aspen
Left to right: Spice, Fondant and Lipstick
Stylecraft special aran yarn

Bralette with a diamond mesh stitch 

crochet bralette

crochet bralette

diamond mesh (fishnet) stitching

crochet bralette

This was my third crochet project and I’m pleased to say that it turned out really well! I used this video to learn how the make the bralette and then another video to learn how to do the diamond mesh (fishnet) stitching. There were written instructions for a similar bralette but as a novice I found it easier to watch the technique in the video from Aqua Hannah. I tweaked the pattern slightly too as I didn’t think that a chain stitched strap would be strong enough for me and my DD’s – so I single stitched them too.

With this project I learned:

  • slip knot
  • slip stitches
  • chain stitches
  • double stitches

I used:

stylecraft yarn

My leftovers after making the bralette (enough to make a monster!)

What’s next? 

I still have a lot to learn about crochet. I need to learn how to read patterns and master even more stitches. This week, someone was telling me about a broomstick stitch and I can’t wait to give it a go and make a shawl with it. Crochet is seriously addictive!

JG x