So I’m thinking about going natural

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Natural hair

Little me with natural tresses

I’ve been using relaxer to straighten my hair ever since I was 11 years old. To be honest, I don’t even remember what my natural hair looks or feels like. My sole memory lays in having my mum comb it when I was a child and it hurt like hell. Though looking back at these pictures above of me as a child with my natural tresses is really making me want to put the relaxer pot down.

Why now? 

I’ve been thinking about going natural since January. My younger sister has done it and her hair is healthier and she now has a fierce looking afro. I stopped using relaxer between January and March of this year and then chickened out when the regrowth started coming through and getting tangled. I now know that when you have two different textures in your hair it’s more likely to tangle – and if I am going to go natural I need to be serious about really looking after my hair and be ready to detangle it. At the moment my hair is so chemically damaged and my scalp is dry from using relaxer. I had planned on waiting until after my wedding to go natural but I’m probably going to have a weave installed for the big day anyway…so why not now?

Big chop or slow and steady? 

Every time I’ve tried to go natural I’ve given up at around the 3 or 4 month mark. I don’t remember the last time I relaxed my hair, from a quick feel of the roots I’d say maybe end of July or beginning of August. To be honest, I would like to just do a big chop before I lose my nerve, but I’m kinda scared that I will look like a potato so we’ll see about that one. I’ve been wearing a lot of u-part wigs and weaves this year so as long as I have enough hair for a canerow or a leave-out then either way I’m sure it will be fine.

Have any tips for me? 

If you have any tips or tricks to make transitioning to natural hair any easier or products that you’ve used and loved please do comment. At this point I’m very open to advice I really don’t want to give up. I want to do it, if only, to have healthier hair.

JG x

Beauty Bag Bargains: eBay makeup brushes

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ebay makeup brushes

From left to right: blush brush, foundation brush and fanned contour brush

Beauty ingredients

Total paid: £4.94 inc. p&p

Delivery: Took about 3 weeks (they are shipped from China)

A look created with eBay makeup brushes

A look created with eBay makeup brushes. No filter used.

Liquid Foundation Brush 

eBay foundation brush

eBay foundation brush

I usually use a sponge to apply my foundation and I always find that more gets soaked into the sponge than actually goes onto my face. This brush is a fantastic alternative and my foundation went on smoother and more evenly than when I use a sponge. The only downside is that the stick of the brush splits in half for some reason and gets lost in my makeup bag. Aside from that I LOVE this brush. I can really see the difference in my application.

Fanned Counter Brush 

In the look above I used both a cream and a powder contour kit because while I like the look of a cream contour kit, I like a matte finish. The fanned contour brush was perfect for contouring with powder. The shape of brush really helped me highlight and define with precision.

Kabuki Blush Brush 

The brush is slightly peaked which helped to apply my blush/bronzer that little bit better. It’s a good brush but unlike the other two I can’t really say that it has revolutionised my makeup bag.

Overall: I’d definitely say that you should think about adding these brushes to your makeup bag – for under £5 for the lot they are a total bargain! If you are willing to wait for delivery then definitely order them.

JG x

Date night with a sexy red Luxemme dress

Thalia Cross Neck Halter Dress from Luxemme

Thalia Cross Neck Halter Dress from Luxemme

Dress: Thalia Cross Neck Halter Dress from Luxemme*

Size: 12

Fit: I’m a 34DD and it was a little loose on the top but it was nothing that a little tit tape wouldn’t fix.

Hey girlies! I stumbled across a company called Luxemme a luxury fashion brand based in Manchester. They have so many lovely pieces on their website from dresses, to two-pieces, blazers and more. I had a hard time picking just one dress to treat myself with this week. There are so many other bits that I am in LOVE with and will be ordering very soon! I was so pleased with the delivery – the dress arrived two days after I received my order confirmation and just in time for date night with the boy (who also loved the dress).

What do you think of my Luxemme date night dress?

Be sure to check out Luxemme on instagramtwitter and Facebook.

JG x