Ardell Duralash Knot Free Individual Lashes: A review

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Ardell knot free individual lashes

Beauty Ingredients 


After a failed attempt of trying to apply these lashes myself, I got my little sister to do them. She poured out a little bit of the glue on the plastic packet that the lashes came in and then used tweezers to take each lash, dip it in the glue and then apply it to my own lashes with my eyes closed. Every so often she would ask me to open my eyes to check that they were even. It was her first time and it probably took her around 40 minutes to do both eyes.

Tip: You don’t need much glue, my sister applied quite a bit because she was a bit worried that they wouldn’t stay on and when I looked down my lash line looked shiny and it also made the lashes painful to remove.

Ardell knot free individual lashes

Wearing my Ardell Individual Lashes

Look and feel 

I really like the look of these lashes. They were applied in such a way to give me longer, wispy lashes towards the ends of my eyes which really reminded me of my Katy Perry Feline Fierce strip lashes. We used the short lashes towards the inner of my eyes and medium lashes towards the ends. Obviously the best part about having individual lashes installed is that you don’t need to apply them daily!

JG wearing Ardell knot free individual lashes


I had my lashes on for about three weeks. They say that they last about as long as the life cycle of your own eyelashes and that as your own eyelash falls out so will the  individual lashes. None of the medium lashes came out but some off the short lashes did fall out. I do wonder if not many fell out because of the amount of glue that my sister used though!


The lashes were still looking good after three weeks, I just decided to remove them because I wanted to give my lash line a really good clean – which is hard to do when there is glue on your lashes. So, I used the LashFree remover from Ardell which was basically just overpriced baby oil. Most of the lashes slipped off without too much trouble but there were a few places where my sister had used so much glue that it really hurt to take the lashes off. For the next few weeks I think that I’ll just use strip lashes when I want an extra boost. I want to give my natural lashes a little break.

I give these lashes 7/10.

JG x


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