Transformation Tuesday with a Freedom Makeup London Haul

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Freedom makeup London Review Hey lovelies! Have you heard about a company called Freedom Makeup London? I first stumbled across their website about a week or so ago. They are a new company and prices start from £1, which was so incredible that I decided to get a bit of a haul. They also had a special deal on at the time, so I got an extra £15 worth of free goods! All in all I ended up with 20 products that were a range of eyeshadows, lipsticks and contour kits all for about £25. Amazing!

My Freedom Makeup London haul!

My Freedom Makeup London haul!

The one thing that I loved about Freedom Makeup London is that they offer fab collections that offer everything you need to create a full look. I ordered the Sculpted Beauty Collection and was very impressed with not only the quality of the products but also with how well they matched my skin tone.  Let’s be real – as a black girl is can be pretty hard to get the right shade especially when ordering online – but Freedom Makeup London did not disappoint! Rather than doing a ‘get the look’ I just thought that I would go into detail on a few products that I would definitely label as my new must-haves! My must-haves from Freedom Makeup London:

Eyebrow kit Medium/Dark 

PRO EYEBROW KIT MEDIUM-DARK freedom makeup london I really love this kit and will most definitely be using it daily. I used the eyebrow wax in the bottom right and the powder in the bottom left to fill in my brows. I prefer dark brown brows rather than black and these shades were great. The coverage lasted all day too!

Pro contour kit Medium 01 

Pro contour kit medium 01 freedom makeup london

Sculpting with the powder contour kit! (This is not blended)

Pro contour kit freedom makeup london


I was a little worried about this kit because it came automatically with the Sculpted Beauty Collection and I wasn’t sure if it would match my skin tone. However, I had no need to worry. I love, love, love this contour kit! Usually I use a creamy contour palette and then have to use a pressed powder to finish the look off but this automatically gave me the no-shine sculpted look that I wanted. I used the pro primer before I applied the powder which helped to smooth and moisturise my skin. I always recommend using primer!

Decadence palette Today’s Tonight 

DECADANCE PALETTE TODAY'S TONIGHT freedom makeup london I usually wear the same boring browns and golds on my eyes. I loved the shades in this one palette – it had a range of browns, pinks and darker shades! The possibilities are endless! I ended up going with a rose gold shade and used another slightly darker one to contour my eyelids. I love this palette! I used an eye primer before putting on the eyeshadow and it was fab. It really helped the eyeshadow last all day. A little about the lipsticks I received… 

Pro melts Jammy Dodger 

Pro melts jammy dodger freedom makeup london I’m not really into lip glosses, I’ve been feeling matte lipsticks for the last few months but I really liked this gloss. It’s a stunning bright red shade and with the right outfit would be perfect!

Pro Lipstick Now 117 Juicy Lips 

Pro Lipstick Now 117 Juicy Lips freedom makeup london This is such a pretty pink colour. It’s a soft shade that would work with a multitude of skin tones. I’ll definitely be rocking this over the summer.

Overall I’m loving the quality and the affordability of Freedom Makeup London. I still have so many more products in my haul to try. My little makeup heart is very content at the moment. I’ve been on the website today and have been adding more products to my wish list too including the setting spray and matte primer. I have a feeling that I’m going to be ordering lots more products and best of all it won’t break the bank!

P.S. Freedom Makeup London also do makeup courses. There aren’t any available online yet but I’m going to be keeping my beady eyes open so that I can book myself onto one (or five)! JG x

5 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday with a Freedom Makeup London Haul

    • jadedeterville says:

      I’ll try to! Although I will say that it is awesome and I use it in just about every picture that you see on my blog. Definitely recommend it!


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