Get the look: Mid-finger rings and mint nails 

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OPI That's Hula-rious! with mid finger rings

OPI That’s Hula-rious!

I’m enjoying what’s left of summer with this summery nail combo. I’m loving mid-finger rings coupled with bright nail colours – it looks fab! I picked these rings up from eBay for just £1.99 which was such a bargain and then painted my nails with OPI’s That’s Hula-rious.

What do you think? Have you been rocking mid-finger rings this summer?

JG x

Get the look: Boutique of Molly ‘Femme fatale’ #OOTD

'Faila' Lace Off Shoulder Midi Dress from boutique of molly

'Faila' Lace Off Shoulder Midi Dress from boutique of molly

'Faila' Lace Off Shoulder Midi Dress from boutique of molly

Dress‘Faila’ Lace Off Shoulder Midi Dress from Boutique of Molly* £26.95 

Size: 10

Fit: True to size

While browsing Boutique of Molly* I instantly fell in love with this dress. I’ve been looking for a black bardot dress for some time now and when I saw this on their website I knew that I had to have it. As you can see from the black and white it has brought out my inner femme fatale. The lace trimming around the neckline makes this a unique version to other bardot dress that I’ve seen, and it has a sexy split up the side.

Find Boutique of Molly on IG and Twitter.

What do you think of the dress?

JG x

Ardell Duralash Knot Free Individual Lashes: A review

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Ardell knot free individual lashes

Beauty Ingredients 


After a failed attempt of trying to apply these lashes myself, I got my little sister to do them. She poured out a little bit of the glue on the plastic packet that the lashes came in and then used tweezers to take each lash, dip it in the glue and then apply it to my own lashes with my eyes closed. Every so often she would ask me to open my eyes to check that they were even. It was her first time and it probably took her around 40 minutes to do both eyes.

Tip: You don’t need much glue, my sister applied quite a bit because she was a bit worried that they wouldn’t stay on and when I looked down my lash line looked shiny and it also made the lashes painful to remove.

Ardell knot free individual lashes

Wearing my Ardell Individual Lashes

Look and feel 

I really like the look of these lashes. They were applied in such a way to give me longer, wispy lashes towards the ends of my eyes which really reminded me of my Katy Perry Feline Fierce strip lashes. We used the short lashes towards the inner of my eyes and medium lashes towards the ends. Obviously the best part about having individual lashes installed is that you don’t need to apply them daily!

JG wearing Ardell knot free individual lashes


I had my lashes on for about three weeks. They say that they last about as long as the life cycle of your own eyelashes and that as your own eyelash falls out so will the  individual lashes. None of the medium lashes came out but some off the short lashes did fall out. I do wonder if not many fell out because of the amount of glue that my sister used though!


The lashes were still looking good after three weeks, I just decided to remove them because I wanted to give my lash line a really good clean – which is hard to do when there is glue on your lashes. So, I used the LashFree remover from Ardell which was basically just overpriced baby oil. Most of the lashes slipped off without too much trouble but there were a few places where my sister had used so much glue that it really hurt to take the lashes off. For the next few weeks I think that I’ll just use strip lashes when I want an extra boost. I want to give my natural lashes a little break.

I give these lashes 7/10.

JG x

Ordering hair extensions from Iwish on AliExpress

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Iwish Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave: One Week Review 

Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave Brazilian Body Wave Iwish AliExpress

I’ve seen lots of reviews about Iwish hair from Aliexpress on YouTube and thought that I would give it a try. I live in Hampshire when I’m in the UK so it’s hard to find any good black hair stores near me that aren’t completely overpriced, so ordering online is often the best way to go. I ordered 3 bundles of the Brazilian Body Wave hair in 18, 20 and 22 inches for $99.63 (yes I paid in dollars for some reason – but it was £64 which is crazy cheap for those lengths of hair).


The delivery was super quick, I ordered on Saturday and the hair arrived via DHL on Tuesday which was so fast considering that the hair ships from China. They also sent me a tracking number for the package. Also included in the packet were five soft foam rollers, not enough for curling a whole head but it was a cute gift.


u-part wig aliexpress wish

My u-part wig ingredients

So I decided to use the hair to make a u-part wig. I sewed the hair on instead of using glue. I’ve found that glue can have quite a strong scent which gives me a bit of a headache so I prefer sewing it on. I was tempted to use the hair to do a sew-in weave but I’m actually glad that I didn’t because taking the wig off at night helps keep the curls looking lovely.

Look and Feel 

Brazilian Body Wave aliexpress wish

Brazilian Body Wave

The hair is super soft and it didn’t smell when it arrived like some hair does. It hasn’t tangled, I simply run my fingers through it but I imagine I’ll need to start using a big toothed comb soon. I’m very impressed with the way the curls look. I haven’t washed it yet so I can’t say how well the curls will hold up after wetting it but fingers crossed they stay intact. I do wish that I had ordered two bundles of the 22 inches and one 20 inch just so the hair looked a bit thicker at the ends.

Honestly, I’m not really sure why I ordered Brazilian hair considering I prefer Malaysian hair as it blends better with relaxed hair, however I’m impressed with it and would definitely recommend. If your hair is relaxed and you are going to have a leave-out get a dry shampoo to spray it with which will dull some of the shine.

Have you ordered hair extensions from AliExpress? 

JG x

Transformation Tuesday with a Freedom Makeup London Haul

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Freedom makeup London Review Hey lovelies! Have you heard about a company called Freedom Makeup London? I first stumbled across their website about a week or so ago. They are a new company and prices start from £1, which was so incredible that I decided to get a bit of a haul. They also had a special deal on at the time, so I got an extra £15 worth of free goods! All in all I ended up with 20 products that were a range of eyeshadows, lipsticks and contour kits all for about £25. Amazing!

My Freedom Makeup London haul!

My Freedom Makeup London haul!

The one thing that I loved about Freedom Makeup London is that they offer fab collections that offer everything you need to create a full look. I ordered the Sculpted Beauty Collection and was very impressed with not only the quality of the products but also with how well they matched my skin tone.  Let’s be real – as a black girl is can be pretty hard to get the right shade especially when ordering online – but Freedom Makeup London did not disappoint! Rather than doing a ‘get the look’ I just thought that I would go into detail on a few products that I would definitely label as my new must-haves! My must-haves from Freedom Makeup London:

Eyebrow kit Medium/Dark 

PRO EYEBROW KIT MEDIUM-DARK freedom makeup london I really love this kit and will most definitely be using it daily. I used the eyebrow wax in the bottom right and the powder in the bottom left to fill in my brows. I prefer dark brown brows rather than black and these shades were great. The coverage lasted all day too!

Pro contour kit Medium 01 

Pro contour kit medium 01 freedom makeup london

Sculpting with the powder contour kit! (This is not blended)

Pro contour kit freedom makeup london


I was a little worried about this kit because it came automatically with the Sculpted Beauty Collection and I wasn’t sure if it would match my skin tone. However, I had no need to worry. I love, love, love this contour kit! Usually I use a creamy contour palette and then have to use a pressed powder to finish the look off but this automatically gave me the no-shine sculpted look that I wanted. I used the pro primer before I applied the powder which helped to smooth and moisturise my skin. I always recommend using primer!

Decadence palette Today’s Tonight 

DECADANCE PALETTE TODAY'S TONIGHT freedom makeup london I usually wear the same boring browns and golds on my eyes. I loved the shades in this one palette – it had a range of browns, pinks and darker shades! The possibilities are endless! I ended up going with a rose gold shade and used another slightly darker one to contour my eyelids. I love this palette! I used an eye primer before putting on the eyeshadow and it was fab. It really helped the eyeshadow last all day. A little about the lipsticks I received… 

Pro melts Jammy Dodger 

Pro melts jammy dodger freedom makeup london I’m not really into lip glosses, I’ve been feeling matte lipsticks for the last few months but I really liked this gloss. It’s a stunning bright red shade and with the right outfit would be perfect!

Pro Lipstick Now 117 Juicy Lips 

Pro Lipstick Now 117 Juicy Lips freedom makeup london This is such a pretty pink colour. It’s a soft shade that would work with a multitude of skin tones. I’ll definitely be rocking this over the summer.

Overall I’m loving the quality and the affordability of Freedom Makeup London. I still have so many more products in my haul to try. My little makeup heart is very content at the moment. I’ve been on the website today and have been adding more products to my wish list too including the setting spray and matte primer. I have a feeling that I’m going to be ordering lots more products and best of all it won’t break the bank!

P.S. Freedom Makeup London also do makeup courses. There aren’t any available online yet but I’m going to be keeping my beady eyes open so that I can book myself onto one (or five)! JG x