Ideas for a bookish wedding

Bookish literary wedding ideas

If you are getting married and you, like me, love books then this post is for you. Although I won’t be wearing a wedding dress made from the pages of my favourite books, I think there are some lovely subtle ways to have a bookish theme on your big day. Here are some ideas:

Book Confetti 

alice-in-wonderland-book-confettiAlice in Wonderland Confetti by Literary Emporium – £3.50 

This Alice in Wonderland confetti might be a bit quirky for some weddings but why not use a romance novel instead? It’s a fantastic DIY project and so much more interesting than standard confetti.

Literary Bridesmaid Gifts

Catt charm necklace inspired by Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway Cat Lover Necklace by Literary Emporium – £11.60

One of my bridesmaids is mad about cats and this is a cute gift which she would absolutely love.

Literary Table Names

Literary table names

I absolutely love how the author name has been combined with a quote to create a cute table name.

The Book Arch 

Wedding Book Arch

If you and your future husband or wife are both mad about books then why not? Who needs flowers anyway?

Literary Cufflinks

Jane Austen Cufflinks

Jane Austen Cufflinks by Jezebel Charms (on Etsy) – £10.26

What a perfect gift for ushers, a best man or even a husband-to-be on the day of the wedding. There are plenty of options on Etsy so you are sure to find a pair to suit.

Library Card Wedding Guest Book

library card wedding guestbook

library card wedding guest book

Library Card Wedding Guest Book from bindingbee (on etsy) – over £100 

This is such a unique idea. It’s a handmade item on Etsy so it is a bit of a splurge. On the other hand, it could made a great DIY wedding project!

A Bookish Wedding Cake 


Why not talk to your cake maker about making you a bookish cake? I love the second one in the picture above, it would be lovely to have romantic verses on it.

Library Card Catalogue 

Library Card catalogue

Such a lovely idea unfortunately I’m unsure where it is sold however I’m sure that it could be replicated by a crafty bride or groom to be!

The Save the Date Bookmark

Save the date bookmarkFor pricing visit: 

A save the date card that doubles up as a bookmark. What a lovely idea!

The Book Ring-Holder

Harry Potter ring holder

Yes, this is Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! Why have a wedding pillow when you could have your favourite book?

Flowers Made of Book Pages 

Literary Bookish wedding flowers

Feeling crafty? Then why not get your bridesmaids together and create these quirky bookish wedding flowers.

That’s it for now folks. Do you have any other ideas for a bookish wedding?

Happy wedding planning!

JG x


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