12 reasons why you should try pole dancing (or pole fitness) this summer

butterfly move pole dancing pole fitness

Working on my ‘butterfly’

I have been pole dancing or doing ‘pole fitness’ on and off for about four years now. I absolutely love it – so here are 12 reasons why you should seek out your nearest class and give it a go this summer!

  1. It will increase your upper body strength – trust me you may not be able to lift your own body weight now but in just a few weeks you’ll be doing moves that will surprise you.
  2. It’s a fun way to get fit – give me a pole over the treadmill any day.
  3. You’ll lose your inhibitions and get body confident – I turned up to my first class wearing a baggy t-shirt and and the longest shorts I could find, now give me booty shorts and a sports bra and I’m ready.
  4. You’ll amaze yourself – I’ve never done gymnastics in my life, yeah I did handstands and cartwheels whilst playing outside as a child but that was it. Now, I can climb a pole and hang upside down with only one leg holding on.
  5. You’ll increase your flexibility – I still can’t do the splits, but my body feels so much more open than it used to.
  6. It will make you feel sexier – I’ve been to many different classes, some where the focus was on pole dance and sensuality and others where the focus is pole fitness and simply getting a specific move, like in a gymnastics class. The dance element certainly makes me feel sexier and the fact that I can accomplish all of these new moves also makes me more confident in myself – and confidence is sexy!
  7. If you are ever in a club that has a pole you will impress everyone – when I was in Mexico I climbed the pole and did a simple move – I impressed the crowd so much that I got a bunch of free tequila shots that night….good times.
  8. It will impress your other half – my man loves that I know a few moves on the pole.
  9. You’ll transform your body – my core strength is so much stronger and I have the flatter stomach to prove it. The conditioning and strength exercises will help tone your entire body.
  10. You’ll be proud of your bruises – now this sounds like a strange one but a bruise in the pole world is a sign that you have attempted a new pole move. Yeah you hit the pole but so what, you’ll soon master that nemesis move!
  11. You’ll be more up for trying other daring exercises – since doing pole I’ve found a love for all aerial exercise. Aerial silks is another one of my favourites and makes me feel like I’m in the circus – in a good way, not an American Horror Story Freak Show kind of way.
  12. There is a whole aerial network out there that you can be part of – pole dancing advocates are everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and it’s great to connect with them. I’ve lived in NYC and the UK and I’ve made friends with so many people all because of our love of aerial sports.

So – what do you think? Will you give pole a go this summer?

Superman pole move pole dancing pole fitness


hanging upside down pole dance pole fitness

Literally one of the most relaxing poses…

JG x

3 thoughts on “12 reasons why you should try pole dancing (or pole fitness) this summer

  1. ShimmySistah says:

    This post came in JUST the nick-of-time! I am a bellydancer and I’ve been telling my Shimmy Sistahs recently that I would absolutely LOVE to try pole dancing! They were afraid my love for belly dancing would fade if I did, but I reassured them it wouldn’t especially with it helping to tone my body even more for the techniques we already do! Thanks for this informative post helping to solidify that and much more!

    Check me out too!
    Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤


    • jadedeterville says:

      Fantastic girlie! Pole dancing is so much fun. Wish we had belly dancing classes around here too it looks awesome!
      Love your blog!!


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