Battle of the Nude Lipsticks: Rimmel versus MAC

MAC peachstock versus rimmel nude delight

Rimmel vs MAC

Nude lipsticks are sexy and perfect for when you want to draw attention to your eyes. I love teaming a nude lipstick with big lashes and liner to give me that doe-eyed, retro look. However, it’s always a struggle to find the right colour; choose a lipstick too light and you look like a zombie with ashy lips, too dark and you might of well have just bought a mocha shade. I’ve found two that suited my skin tone however the question is which gets my my vote, MAC Peachstock or Rimmel Nude Delight? Let’s find out shall we…


MAC (Satin) lipstick in Peachstock from Belk (USA) $16 (approx £10.33)
Rimmel (Moisture Renew) lipstick in Nude Delight from Tesco £6.49

Winner: Rimmel


Rimmel Nude Delight

Rimmel Nude Delight

MAC Peachstock

MAC Peach stock

I guess this round depends on whether you prefer glossy or matte lipsticks. At the moment I am loving matte lipsticks so kind of prefer Peachstock. Rimmel Nude Delight felt a little greasy however I do like the warmer tone that it has, MAC Peachstock was just a tad paler.

Winner: MAC

All-day wear and Feel

The MAC lipstick left my lips feeling moisturised all-day which surprised me because it is so matte. It also lasted from the time I applied it at 7am before work until way after I got home that evening and still looked just as gorgeous. The Rimmel lipstick just about made it to lunch before I needed to reapply it again. Despite it being called ‘moisture renew’ I found that my lips were quite dry after a few hours and I did need to apply lip balm.

Winner: MAC

Rimmel nude delight versus MAC peachstock

Ladies, this is an instance where I would recommend spending those extra pennies and getting MAC (sold in House of Fraser in the UK). It looks amazing and feels great plus matte lipstick is very in this Summer. So go on, treat yourself!

JG x

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