My top five fashion looks from Eurovision 2015

Think Eurovision is all about cheesy Europop and even cheesier outfits? Well yes in some ways, but also no! Last night’s Grand Final had some of the Eurovision ladies wearing stunning outfits.

Here are my favourite looks from Eurovision 2015:

5. Edurne – Spain

Edurne looked like a gold warrior in her dress and Grecian-insprired sandals. I felt like you could have picked her up from the stage and dropped her into a 300 film and she would still look fierce.

Edurne - Spain Grecian dress

Edurne – Spain

4. Elhaida Dani – Albania

Her dress definitely wasn’t one of the most outrageous of the night but it wasn’t the plainest either. I felt that it suited her ballad and looked stunning.

Elhaida Dani - Albania - black dress

Elhaida Dani – Albania

3. Debrah Scarlett – Norway

I loved the classic simplicity of this look, teamed with her vampy lips and red hair Debrah looked amazing.

Debrah Scarlett - Norway - white two piece

Debrah Scarlett – Norway

2. Polina Gagarina – Russia

Though a little ‘big fat gypsy wedding’ when the lights in the dress were turned on, the design was stunning. I could definitely see this style on a beach wedding somewhere (fairy lights optional).

Polina Gagarina - Russia - white dress

Polina Gagarina – Russia

1. Aminata – Latvia

Although Graham Norton said that she looked like a toilet brush I have to disagree. I thought that this red dress with the mermaid skirt was fierce and fabulous. I loved the plunge neckline and the tattoo-like hawk on her chest.

Aminata Latvia - red mermaid tail dress

Aminata – Latvia

What was your favourite look from Eurovision 2015?

JG x

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