Creating a U-part wig for under £20 ($30): A how-to guide and a review

Scroll down to see the finished U-part!

Scroll down to see the finished U-part!

Hair ingredients

  • Sensational Kanubia EHair ingredients laid out on my bed. asy 1 Brazilian loose bundles. 18 inches in T1B/30 (I used 2 bundles but I’d recommend 3)
  • Weaving net
  • Large wig clips from eBay
  • Salon Pro Hair Bonding Glue (Black) from eBay (FYI this has latex in for those who might be allergic)
  • Plastic carrier bag
  • Needle and thread (I stole these from my mum…however you can get them on eBay for a couple of pounds/dollars)

Total spent: £18.91 (approx $28.37)

How-to guide

I started by putting a plastic bag on my head, as the lace cap is netted the bag stopped the glue from getting on my hair.

Carrier bag on my head. U-part.

Next I measured a length of weft from ear-to-ear and cut about four pieces that same length. I then applied the glue on the top of the wefts, left it for about a minute so that it became tacky and then stuck it on the wig in the same position that I had measured.

Measuring the wefts

Measuring the wefts

Applying the glue to the weft

Applying the glue to the weft

If you have ever installed a sew in weave (or even clip in hair extensions) then you will know the shape you are trying to create with the wefts. If not, here is a handy guide. Just keep sticking the hair around the shape of the head until it is as thick as you like. Tip: You’ll have to stick the wefts closer together if you want to fit three bundles on.

Weft guide

You’ll need to apply more wefts than the picture. This is just a guide to show you how the hair goes around.

I went for a side parting with my wig so I had to stick the wefts on so they went further over on the left. I applied short straight wefts around the parting to replicate the way that real hair falls.

u-part wig almost finished

The glue seemed to dry quite quickly but because it had such a strong smell I decided to leave it overnight just in case. The smell wasn’t as bad the next day but it definitely still has an odour!

U-part wigIMG_3094IMG_3054

Next I cut the excess net to make the U-part gap where my leave-out would be. Once done I sewed three clips on the wig, two at the front on either side of the U-part and one at the nape. The wig clips are slanted so I put the larger side on the edges of my head. And voilà my first hand made U-part wig was complete!

u-part wig on JG

The leave out looks pretty good. I’ve got my hair in a low bun in this picture and the length of the hair covers it.


  • Quick and easy to put together.
  • I didn’t wear gloves and the glue was super easy to get off my hands. It’s got latex in it and dries quite rubbery so you can just roll it off.
  • It looks pretty good considering I spent less than £20.
  • The hair is bouncy, looks and feels soft just like real hair and the colour is great.
The U-part leave out

The U-part leave out


  • The glue smells and kind of gave me a headache so next time I will sew the hair on which will of course take longer. I’m also going to have to purchase a polystyrene head to do that.
  • The wig cap was too small for my head! The wig still sit OK but I would definitely prefer a bigger one next time.
  • The hair is very thin (I did only use 2 bundles though) and has a synthetic shine, a little  bit like Barbie Hair which doesn’t blend 100% with my relaxed hair.

I’ll definitely be making another U-part wig, I’m not sure how this Sensationnel Easy 1 hair will hold up but I’d like to try making another wig with a thicker human hair next. I’ll post my second attempt at a U-part wig soon. If you decide to give a U-part a try, let me know how it goes!

JG xx

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