Katy Perry Feline Fierce Lashes: A review

Katy Perry Feline Fierces Lashes

Who doesn’t want fierce, fluttering eyelashes just like the beauty that is Katy Perry? 

It was my birthday on Tuesday and while I wanted thicker, fuller lashes I didn’t really want to pay the individual lash pricetag (mainly because I’d just treated myself to an hour long gel pedicure and a 30 minute facial…so divine!). Anyway I saw the Katy Perry Feline Fierce lashes on sale in Boots for just £2.65 (down from £5.95) and it was such a bloody bargain that I had to get myself a pair!

Katy Perry Feline Fierces Lashes

These lashes were created by Eyelure with input from Katy Perry to make a collection that will make you ‘feel like a pop-star from your first glance’ according the Eyelure site. I’m not sure that I did feel like a pop-star out at Prezzo for dinner on Tuesday night but I did love these lashes.

The Feline Fierce lashes are super soft and they come with adhesive included. I actually didn’t use the glue, instead I opted for Boot’s eyelash glue. I’ve had a few nights out where my lashes have been hanging off because the glue in the packet (not eyelure) wasn’t strong enough, so I always prefer to buy it separately. They were very easy to put on, I just popped a line of glue along them and applied them above my natural lashes and they fit my eyes perfectly!

Katy Perry Feline Fierces Lashes

I love the angled look of these lashes and applied winged eyeliner to really emphasize them (after the above picture was taken). The lashes are thick but also look quite natural, noone even noticed that I was wearing them till I told them. I took them off at the end of the evening and they still looked as good as new, so I’ve put them back in the box to wear them again for yet another day. Not bad for less than £3.

I give these lashes 8.5/10.

Have you tried any of the other Katy Perry lashes in the collection?


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