Battle of the Nude Lipsticks: Rimmel versus MAC

MAC peachstock versus rimmel nude delight

Rimmel vs MAC

Nude lipsticks are sexy and perfect for when you want to draw attention to your eyes. I love teaming a nude lipstick with big lashes and liner to give me that doe-eyed, retro look. However, it’s always a struggle to find the right colour; choose a lipstick too light and you look like a zombie with ashy lips, too dark and you might of well have just bought a mocha shade. I’ve found two that suited my skin tone however the question is which gets my my vote, MAC Peachstock or Rimmel Nude Delight? Let’s find out shall we…


MAC (Satin) lipstick in Peachstock from Belk (USA) $16 (approx £10.33)
Rimmel (Moisture Renew) lipstick in Nude Delight from Tesco £6.49

Winner: Rimmel


Rimmel Nude Delight

Rimmel Nude Delight

MAC Peachstock

MAC Peach stock

I guess this round depends on whether you prefer glossy or matte lipsticks. At the moment I am loving matte lipsticks so kind of prefer Peachstock. Rimmel Nude Delight felt a little greasy however I do like the warmer tone that it has, MAC Peachstock was just a tad paler.

Winner: MAC

All-day wear and Feel

The MAC lipstick left my lips feeling moisturised all-day which surprised me because it is so matte. It also lasted from the time I applied it at 7am before work until way after I got home that evening and still looked just as gorgeous. The Rimmel lipstick just about made it to lunch before I needed to reapply it again. Despite it being called ‘moisture renew’ I found that my lips were quite dry after a few hours and I did need to apply lip balm.

Winner: MAC

Rimmel nude delight versus MAC peachstock

Ladies, this is an instance where I would recommend spending those extra pennies and getting MAC (sold in House of Fraser in the UK). It looks amazing and feels great plus matte lipstick is very in this Summer. So go on, treat yourself!

JG x

My top five fashion looks from Eurovision 2015

Think Eurovision is all about cheesy Europop and even cheesier outfits? Well yes in some ways, but also no! Last night’s Grand Final had some of the Eurovision ladies wearing stunning outfits.

Here are my favourite looks from Eurovision 2015:

5. Edurne – Spain

Edurne looked like a gold warrior in her dress and Grecian-insprired sandals. I felt like you could have picked her up from the stage and dropped her into a 300 film and she would still look fierce.

Edurne - Spain Grecian dress

Edurne – Spain

4. Elhaida Dani – Albania

Her dress definitely wasn’t one of the most outrageous of the night but it wasn’t the plainest either. I felt that it suited her ballad and looked stunning.

Elhaida Dani - Albania - black dress

Elhaida Dani – Albania

3. Debrah Scarlett – Norway

I loved the classic simplicity of this look, teamed with her vampy lips and red hair Debrah looked amazing.

Debrah Scarlett - Norway - white two piece

Debrah Scarlett – Norway

2. Polina Gagarina – Russia

Though a little ‘big fat gypsy wedding’ when the lights in the dress were turned on, the design was stunning. I could definitely see this style on a beach wedding somewhere (fairy lights optional).

Polina Gagarina - Russia - white dress

Polina Gagarina – Russia

1. Aminata – Latvia

Although Graham Norton said that she looked like a toilet brush I have to disagree. I thought that this red dress with the mermaid skirt was fierce and fabulous. I loved the plunge neckline and the tattoo-like hawk on her chest.

Aminata Latvia - red mermaid tail dress

Aminata – Latvia

What was your favourite look from Eurovision 2015?

JG x

Here’s why I’m making my own wedding veil and you should too

Beautiful wedding veil

The average cost of a wedding in the UK in 2014 was £20,983 according a survey conducted by You and Your Wedding. That just blows my mind, don’t get me wrong, I like to spend money and treat myself to the finer things, but spending almost £21,000 on one day makes me feel a little sick. I’d much rather put that towards a deposit on a house so that my fiancé and I can start our life together.

Before I started shopping for anything wedding related I thought a veil would cost me £50 at most, after all it is just a bit of tulle hung over your head. Wrong! I fell in love with a cathedral veil when I tried on my wedding dress only to be told by the sales assistant that she would do me a good deal and knock the price down to £200. What? £200, that’s a good deal for a bit of tulle! :O At this point I realised that if you put the word wedding in front of anything the price will automatically sky rocket! So I thought to myself, I’m going to make a veil myself, seriously how hard can it be!

Here is a handy guide that shows the different lengths of veils:

Bridal veil length

I’m lucky in that I come from a family of seamstresses, so when I hatched this crazy idea to make my own veil, it was met with support – which is good because the last thing I sewed was a U-part wig and that doesn’t require much sewing skills!

I’ve since fallen in love with a veil by a very famous designer, I don’t want to post it as I don’t want to give anything away before my wedding. Making the veil myself means that I’ll be able to do it cheaper than what it’s being sold for and I’ll have something with a real personal touch for my big day. And if I ever have a daughter and pass it on to her, it would mean a lot to know that she is wearing not only the veil that I wore, but also the veil that I made.

Anyway, here is the pattern that I’m going to use, as you can see it comes with a variety of styles to choose from. I found the pattern on eBay for £7.

Butterick pattern B4487 make your own wedding veil
I’ve started to source the tulle and edging that I need to create my veil. I’ll let you know how its coming along in the next few months. Planning a wedding can be busy and stressful but taking the time to do a crafty project like this will not only be fun but it also helps to save the pennies so that you can put them towards something else. So, what do you think? Would you give making your own veil a go?

Look out for a post about choosing the right veil for you and your dress, coming very soon.

JG x

Creating a U-part wig for under £20 ($30): A how-to guide and a review

Scroll down to see the finished U-part!

Scroll down to see the finished U-part!

Hair ingredients

  • Sensational Kanubia EHair ingredients laid out on my bed. asy 1 Brazilian loose bundles. 18 inches in T1B/30 (I used 2 bundles but I’d recommend 3)
  • Weaving net
  • Large wig clips from eBay
  • Salon Pro Hair Bonding Glue (Black) from eBay (FYI this has latex in for those who might be allergic)
  • Plastic carrier bag
  • Needle and thread (I stole these from my mum…however you can get them on eBay for a couple of pounds/dollars)

Total spent: £18.91 (approx $28.37)

How-to guide

I started by putting a plastic bag on my head, as the lace cap is netted the bag stopped the glue from getting on my hair.

Carrier bag on my head. U-part.

Next I measured a length of weft from ear-to-ear and cut about four pieces that same length. I then applied the glue on the top of the wefts, left it for about a minute so that it became tacky and then stuck it on the wig in the same position that I had measured.

Measuring the wefts

Measuring the wefts

Applying the glue to the weft

Applying the glue to the weft

If you have ever installed a sew in weave (or even clip in hair extensions) then you will know the shape you are trying to create with the wefts. If not, here is a handy guide. Just keep sticking the hair around the shape of the head until it is as thick as you like. Tip: You’ll have to stick the wefts closer together if you want to fit three bundles on.

Weft guide

You’ll need to apply more wefts than the picture. This is just a guide to show you how the hair goes around.

I went for a side parting with my wig so I had to stick the wefts on so they went further over on the left. I applied short straight wefts around the parting to replicate the way that real hair falls.

u-part wig almost finished

The glue seemed to dry quite quickly but because it had such a strong smell I decided to leave it overnight just in case. The smell wasn’t as bad the next day but it definitely still has an odour!

U-part wigIMG_3094IMG_3054

Next I cut the excess net to make the U-part gap where my leave-out would be. Once done I sewed three clips on the wig, two at the front on either side of the U-part and one at the nape. The wig clips are slanted so I put the larger side on the edges of my head. And voilà my first hand made U-part wig was complete!

u-part wig on JG

The leave out looks pretty good. I’ve got my hair in a low bun in this picture and the length of the hair covers it.


  • Quick and easy to put together.
  • I didn’t wear gloves and the glue was super easy to get off my hands. It’s got latex in it and dries quite rubbery so you can just roll it off.
  • It looks pretty good considering I spent less than £20.
  • The hair is bouncy, looks and feels soft just like real hair and the colour is great.
The U-part leave out

The U-part leave out


  • The glue smells and kind of gave me a headache so next time I will sew the hair on which will of course take longer. I’m also going to have to purchase a polystyrene head to do that.
  • The wig cap was too small for my head! The wig still sit OK but I would definitely prefer a bigger one next time.
  • The hair is very thin (I did only use 2 bundles though) and has a synthetic shine, a little  bit like Barbie Hair which doesn’t blend 100% with my relaxed hair.

I’ll definitely be making another U-part wig, I’m not sure how this Sensationnel Easy 1 hair will hold up but I’d like to try making another wig with a thicker human hair next. I’ll post my second attempt at a U-part wig soon. If you decide to give a U-part a try, let me know how it goes!

JG xx

Katy Perry Feline Fierce Lashes: A review

Katy Perry Feline Fierces Lashes

Who doesn’t want fierce, fluttering eyelashes just like the beauty that is Katy Perry? 

It was my birthday on Tuesday and while I wanted thicker, fuller lashes I didn’t really want to pay the individual lash pricetag (mainly because I’d just treated myself to an hour long gel pedicure and a 30 minute facial…so divine!). Anyway I saw the Katy Perry Feline Fierce lashes on sale in Boots for just £2.65 (down from £5.95) and it was such a bloody bargain that I had to get myself a pair!

Katy Perry Feline Fierces Lashes

These lashes were created by Eyelure with input from Katy Perry to make a collection that will make you ‘feel like a pop-star from your first glance’ according the Eyelure site. I’m not sure that I did feel like a pop-star out at Prezzo for dinner on Tuesday night but I did love these lashes.

The Feline Fierce lashes are super soft and they come with adhesive included. I actually didn’t use the glue, instead I opted for Boot’s eyelash glue. I’ve had a few nights out where my lashes have been hanging off because the glue in the packet (not eyelure) wasn’t strong enough, so I always prefer to buy it separately. They were very easy to put on, I just popped a line of glue along them and applied them above my natural lashes and they fit my eyes perfectly!

Katy Perry Feline Fierces Lashes

I love the angled look of these lashes and applied winged eyeliner to really emphasize them (after the above picture was taken). The lashes are thick but also look quite natural, noone even noticed that I was wearing them till I told them. I took them off at the end of the evening and they still looked as good as new, so I’ve put them back in the box to wear them again for yet another day. Not bad for less than £3.

I give these lashes 8.5/10.

Have you tried any of the other Katy Perry lashes in the collection?


Review of the Bridea Box: A must have for the UK bride-to-be

Bridea Box Review

The Bridea Box

I was ridiculously excited this week when my Bridea Box arrived in the post. What is a Bridea Box you ask? Well think of it as a giant graze box that is packed with fantastic wedding ideas and savings from favours to bridesmaid dresses instead of healthy snacks.

Bridea Box Review

I first sampled one of these boxes a few months ago when they had a special deal on where I only had to pay for postage and packaging. A few days later this super cute pink packet arrived in the post with money off vouchers, natural flower confetti and much more wedding planning goodies. The Bridea Box that arrived this week was like that first packet on steroids. It cost £15.95 (including p&p) and is definitely worth every penny.

Wedding planning is fun but let’s face it, spending hours on Pinterest and trawling through wedding fairs can also be a little bit tiring. The Bridea Box saves you time, effort and those annoying sales conversations at fairs and instead sends you fabulous ideas for your wedding straight to your door.

Bridea box goodies review

The Bridea goodies laid out on my bed

The box contains over 20 wedding samples! The highlight of this month’s box were definitely the white wedding flip flops in the sparkly organza bag. My fiancé and I are still trying to decide whether we want a traditional or beach wedding and these may have just slightly swayed me. Also included were some delicious artisan du chocolat favour boxes filled with yummy flavours such as milk chocolate filled with passion fruit, dark chocolate praline and milk chocolate pistachio. There were also forget-me-not seed packets, customised tea bags and wine labels, save the date balloons, I Do stickers for bridal shoes, a Team Bride photo booth prop and so many flyers with great savings on everything from wedding lingerie to hair accessories.

Artisan chocolates from the bridea box

Yummy artisan chocolates that are perfect as favours!

There is so much to go through in these Bridea Boxes and best of all I can do it whilst enjoying a cuppa and relaxing on the sofa. I’m not sure how long it will be until the next box is available but I absolutely cannot wait to see what goodies the Bridea ladies will include.

Inside the Bridea Box

Inside the Bridea Box

JG x