How to get Ombré pastel cotton candy hair (without dyeing or damaging your own hair!)

Jade Gabriell with cotton candy pink dirty looks HK hair extensions

Love changing up your look but hate straw-like, damaged hair? Well this tutorial is just for you! My hair is already chemically straightened so putting bleach or colours on it is a big no-no. The thing is, I love switching up my look, which is why ombré works so perfectly for me. Find out how I got my ombré cotton candy locks below!

Hair ingredients

Dirty Looks HK Full Head Hair Extensions in 90’s Blonde (12 – 14 inches – if your hair is longer than your shoulders you might want to choose a longer length)
L’Oreal Excellence Crème in Natural Darkest Brown
Manic Panic in Cotton Candy Pink
Any cheap condition (I used Tresemmé colour vibrance protection because it was on sale in Superdrug!)


Step one
My hair is layered, so in some places it’s shoulder length and others a bit longer so I always start by putting the hair extensions in my hair and using bobby pins to measure out how far down the brown hair dye will go (it also helps avoid that horrible straight ombré line). Once measured I take the hair out and lay it on a plastic bag to let the dyeing commence.

Measure the hair extensions in your own hair first

Yes, this looks ridiculous but it’s a useful part of the process.

Step two
Using the bobby pins as I guide I applied the L’Oreal Excellence Crème in Natural Darkest Brown. I like to go about a centimetre longer than my own hair with the dye so that it looks a little more natural when I wear them. Tip: I chose L’Oreal Excellence crème dye because I’ve died blonde hair before with own brand brown dye and have had it turn green, after a bit of Googling apparently that doesn’t happen with L’Oreal…we shall see in a few weeks.

Ombre dye hair extensions

Step three
I left the brown hair dye for thirty minutes and then holding the blonde parts of the hair rinsed it into the sink. It’s VERY important to rinse the brown bits away from the blonde otherwise it will run and taint the colour of the hair.

Step four
I towel dried the hair leaving it still a little damp. Then mixed a dollop (about two tablespoons) of Manic Panic in Cotton Candy Pink with loads of conditioner.

Manic panic plus conditioner equals pastel hair

Step five
I applied the manic panic-conditioner mix to the blonde parts of the hair and then left it for thirty minutes before then rinsing it out.

IMG_2184 manic panic pastel hair pink

Step six

I then blow dried my lovely new ombré cotton candy hair extensions on a low heat and clipped them in. And voilà the look was complete!

Will you be trying pastel hair this Spring/Summer?


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