Nouveau individual lash extensions: a review

Nouveau Lashes after three weeks of wear. Length 10 and 11mm.

Nouveau Lashes after three weeks of wear and they still look good! Length 10 and 11mm.

Going from strips to individual lashes

Like most girls, I’ve been wearing false lashes on nights out since I was in my teens. I’ve tried the good, the bad and the ugly. I still remember going out in uni and having to carry glue in my handbag just in case mine fell off in the middle of the night (which did actually happen a couple of times). I love full and thick lashes which is why I decided to give individual lash extensions a try.

I was lured into trying Nouveau Lashes when I saw the ยฃ30 price tag at one of my local beauty salons. Other individual lash extensions can be ยฃ70+ so I was quick to say yes to Nouveau. I first had them applied in November 2014 and have had them done about twice since then. Each time I have been very happy with them! It’s great waking up with perfect lashes and not having to put mascara on. Nouveau’s website says that these these lashes last up to eight weeks, I wouldn’t agree with that. Mine last about two/three weeks before starting to twist and fall out. By week three there are usually gaps.

My eyelashes without falsies. They are curly but short.

My eyelashes without falsies. They are curly but short.

Nouveau individual lash extensions after three weeks. It's not a great picture but it shows clearly one lash twisting.

Nouveau individual lash extensions after three weeks. It’s not a great picture but it shows clearly one lash twisting.

Application and aftercare

I was crazy late to my first appointment leaving my beautician only about thirty minutes to apply the lashes before her next client. I was so worried that she wouldn’t have enough time as the appointment was originally supposed to be an hour long but she finished in record time. Everytime I’ve been back she’s managed to apply them in thirty minutes or less. The only scary part is when you are done and have to open your eyes and your bottom lashes are sometimes stuck to the top ones! It’s sorted out pretty quickly but its scary seeing someone coming towards your eyes with tweezers to part them!

Each time I’ve gone to my beautician, I’ve asked her for a natural look. I’m not a fan of really fake looking lashes. I have the 10 and 11mm lashes applied; my beautician warned that she has worn 16mm herself and though they look very glamorous they twist within a couple of days as opposed to the natural ones which don’t twist for a week or so.

The first time I had Nouveau individual lashes applied, the glue really bothered my eyes even for a week or so afterwards. Everytime the wind blew and my eyes watered it would mix with the glue, sting and then water even more! It was horrible. I only had that issue the first time I had them done though so it could have been that I was getting used to the glue. The eyelashes are really easy to look after, and you can definitely still wear eyeliner and eyeshadow, just make sure that you use an oil free makeup remover. I use baby wipes and have never had an issue.

Nouveau individual lash extensions.

Nouveau individual lash extensions.

So, would I get them again?

Overall, I really like Nouveau individual lash extensions and will definitely be getting them done again in a few weeks for my birthday. They are so affordable, comfortable and it’s great not waking up with panda eyes from mascara!

Jade x


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