How to get Ombré pastel cotton candy hair (without dyeing or damaging your own hair!)

Jade Gabriell with cotton candy pink dirty looks HK hair extensions

Love changing up your look but hate straw-like, damaged hair? Well this tutorial is just for you! My hair is already chemically straightened so putting bleach or colours on it is a big no-no. The thing is, I love switching up my look, which is why ombré works so perfectly for me. Find out how I got my ombré cotton candy locks below!

Hair ingredients

Dirty Looks HK Full Head Hair Extensions in 90’s Blonde (12 – 14 inches – if your hair is longer than your shoulders you might want to choose a longer length)
L’Oreal Excellence Crème in Natural Darkest Brown
Manic Panic in Cotton Candy Pink
Any cheap condition (I used Tresemmé colour vibrance protection because it was on sale in Superdrug!)


Step one
My hair is layered, so in some places it’s shoulder length and others a bit longer so I always start by putting the hair extensions in my hair and using bobby pins to measure out how far down the brown hair dye will go (it also helps avoid that horrible straight ombré line). Once measured I take the hair out and lay it on a plastic bag to let the dyeing commence.

Measure the hair extensions in your own hair first

Yes, this looks ridiculous but it’s a useful part of the process.

Step two
Using the bobby pins as I guide I applied the L’Oreal Excellence Crème in Natural Darkest Brown. I like to go about a centimetre longer than my own hair with the dye so that it looks a little more natural when I wear them. Tip: I chose L’Oreal Excellence crème dye because I’ve died blonde hair before with own brand brown dye and have had it turn green, after a bit of Googling apparently that doesn’t happen with L’Oreal…we shall see in a few weeks.

Ombre dye hair extensions

Step three
I left the brown hair dye for thirty minutes and then holding the blonde parts of the hair rinsed it into the sink. It’s VERY important to rinse the brown bits away from the blonde otherwise it will run and taint the colour of the hair.

Step four
I towel dried the hair leaving it still a little damp. Then mixed a dollop (about two tablespoons) of Manic Panic in Cotton Candy Pink with loads of conditioner.

Manic panic plus conditioner equals pastel hair

Step five
I applied the manic panic-conditioner mix to the blonde parts of the hair and then left it for thirty minutes before then rinsing it out.

IMG_2184 manic panic pastel hair pink

Step six

I then blow dried my lovely new ombré cotton candy hair extensions on a low heat and clipped them in. And voilà the look was complete!

Will you be trying pastel hair this Spring/Summer?


Dark and Lovely, Amla Legend Rejuvenating Ritual: A Review

Ready to use the Amla Dark and Lovely relaxer

I love Dark and Lovely products, I’ve been getting my hair relaxed (chemically straightened) since I was 11 and though I have experimented with other brands they are always my first choice. That’s why when my sister picked up the Dark and Lovely Amla Legend for me, I knew I had to try it.

Inside the Amla legend relaxer kit
Amla Legend is made with real Amla oil and is a no mix, no lye relaxer. No mix!! I couldn’t believe it, every relaxer I have ever bought had to be activated with a two step process. When the box said that it also worked faster than a normal relaxer there was no holding me back. I put down my box of original Dark and Lovely relaxer and got my sister to apply it for me .

I was a little apprehensive as the reviews I’d seen online said that the relaxer really burned but Dark and Lovely is actually the only brand of relaxer that has never left me with a burned or sensitive scalp so I decided to go for it anyway.
If you are familiar with relaxer then you will know that you have to apply the product, after sectioning your hair in quarters and then smooth the roots with the back of a comb so that they go straight, all whilst leaving it on for 14-18 minutes depending on how fine or course your hair is.

Amla smells amazing and so much better than any other relaxer I’ve used. After the desired 18 minute processing time, the relaxer began to burn. After reading a few horror stories on the net and not wanting to damage my hair I began rinsing my hair out and was surprised to find that my hair didn’t feel as silky straight as it usually does after a Dark and Lovely relaxer. In fact it hadn’t processed at all and was still as Afro curly as if I had never applied a relaxer.

Hair is still afro curly after useing the Amla legend relaxer

Can you believe that this is my hair AFTER using the Amla Legend hair relaxer?

I was disappointed to say the least and now have to wait another two weeks before I attempt to relax it again, this time using my usual amazing original Dark and Lovely relaxer! I definitely won’t be using Amla Legend again (despite having a box still left in my room) but I will be staying loyal to Dark and Lovely.

Do you relax your hair at home? If so what brand do you use?

JG x

How to achieve my daytime ‘purple haze’ makeup look

MAC purple lips in Heroine

Take a risk and try purple lips this Spring. I absolutely love, bold, bright lipsticks and this shade from MAC might just be one of my new faves!

Beauty ingredients

JG contour guide
MAC matte lipstick in Heroine
MAC pro longwear lip pencil in Fashion Boost
Black eyeliner (liquid or pencil)
PRO-BROW Ultimate Eyebrow Kit in Dark
I’m wearing Nouveau individual lashes however you can just apply your favourite mascara


Start by following my JG contour guide to highlight and give definition to your face. Alternatively you can apply BB cream or a light foundation and some powder and bronzer if you would rather a lighter base. Quick tip: as you are about to apply a matte lipstick make sure your lips are moisturised but not greasy.

Next, line your lips with MAC pro longwear lip pencil in Fashion Boost and then apply MAC matte lipstick in Heroine. Some people like to apply a concealer around the edges of the lips ensure a sharp definition but I didn’t need to do that on this occasion.

Once the lips are done, apply your eyeliner. I couldn’t find my liquid so I had to use pencil :(. If you aren’t wearing individual lashes like me then apply your favourite mascara! Then fill in your brows, I used the very inexpensive PRO-BROW Ultimate Eyebrow Kit in Dark.  And Ta-Da the look is complete!

Switch it up to a night time look with smoky eyes!

JG x

Contouring with an eBay palette

Contouring with an eBay palette

Contour beauty ingredientsBeauty ingredients

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream in Medium
Contour Kit (from eBay)
Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 005 Silky Beige
Accessorize Baked Bronzer Duo in Bali Shade 2
Collection 2000 cover up stick in 14 Honey Beige


I have quite dry skin so I always start by applying a moisturiser to my face, my personal favourite is Nivea Creme. It’s quite thick but I just use a light layer. Once I’ve done that I put a thin layer of BB cream on, I do this because it helps to even out my skin tone, create a lovely glow and also its SPF30 and I’m not sure if the eBay palette has any sunscreen it in.

Once done I use a shade lighter than my complexion to highlight around my eyes, forehead, nose, lips and a touch on my cheeks. I then use a colour that’s darker than my skin to create definition around the edges of my forehead, my nose, my jawline and I also suck my cheeks in to define my cheekbones. Take a look at the picture to see the finished war paint!

Contour ebay palette

Now it’s time to blend, blend, blend! I always try to do this in the best light possible to avoid being left with an odd looking skin tone.

Blending an ebay contour palette

As the eBay palette is quite creamy, I powder my face with the Stay Matte pressed powder to avoid shine and then bronze my cheeks with my favourite bronzer from Accessorize. It’s not an essential but sometimes I add a light concealer under my eyes and nose at this point just to rehighlight those areas (Quick tip: make sure it’s only lightly applied otherwise it is way too creamy!). And voila contouring is complete and I’m now ready for my eyebrows and lips!

JG x

Get the look with an Asymmetrical Wrap Dress

Asymmetrical Wrap Dress from Charlotte Russe

Ready to hunt for a wedding venue

When I was in the States a couple of weeks ago and I heard that there was going to be a hint of sun I immediately knew that I needed a maxi dress. Unfortunately for me, I hadn’t packed for sunny weather…eek (rookie mistake)! So me and the boy hit the mall and I found this stunning Draped Asymmetrical Wrap Dress from Charlotte Russe for only $24.99. Such a bargain! I loved it so much that I wore it the day we went looking for wedding venues and as you can see from the pictures it was a beautiful Spring day! The only thing I needed to complete the look was a pair of sunnies and I’ve got my eye on a lovely pair of Ray Bans…did I mention it’s my birthday soon? 😉

And it looks like I’m not the only fan of an asymmetrical skirt, check out the beautiful Khloe Kardashian in one from

Khloe Kardashian in an asymmetrical skirt

Jade x

So I was nominated for the Liebster Award!

Liebster award I am so excited to be nominated for the Liebster Award by the beautiful Lauren Kirwan, writer of Ooh La Laur! I love, love, love her blog and feel officially welcomed to the blogosphere so thank you very much my lovely! If you have a Kardashian obsession and love all things beauty then give her page a follow! The Liebster award is a way of celebrating and welcoming new bloggers so if you have been nominated, let’s keep this great trend going!

Thanks so much to everyone else for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy getting to know me with these 10 random questions. Don’t forget to give my page a follow as there is so much more beauty, fitness, wedding and lifestyle posts to come!

These are the Rules:

Each nominee must have under 200 followers
Thank and link to the nominating blog
Answer their 10 questions and propose 10 new ones for your nominees
Nominate a few blogs and tell them that they’ve been nominated
Write a post containing the questions
Include these rules in the post

1. What is your favourite quote?
““A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”” Oscar Wilde.
I’ve been called a daydreamer since I was child and I connected with the words so much I had it tattooed on my ribs (with the words her of course).

Me just after I got my ribs tatted in 2012!

Me just after I got my ribs tatted in 2012 in Brooklyn, NYC!

2. What do you like about blogging?
I like being able to share my passions with others and interacting with such positive people. I also love writing, so being able to do that every week keeps me smiling.

3. What have you learned since you’’ve joined the blogging world?
Blogging is hard work and so much fun!

4. What is your favourite film?
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman…it’s an oldie but a goodie!

5. What is your favourite take-away/take-out?
That’s a hard one. I can’t really say that I have one favourite, I might be in a pizza mood or a Chinese mood, it just depends really. Tonight, for instance I had pizza….how naughty.

6. Name one thing that makes you happy?
My boy.

7. What is your favourite season of the year and why?
Spring! We have so many Spring babies in my family (including me) so there is always lots of cake going around!

8. What’s your favourite TV show?
Game of Thrones. It’s the best thing on TV…ever!

9. If you could go back in time, which era would you go back to?
The Egyptian times, those ladies had their makeup on point. Red lips and winged eyeliner…yes, yes yes! Who cares if it was made out of crushed beetles or whatever…

egyptian makeup

10. If you had the chance to know the future, would you want to know?
Absolutely not, I love the excitement of finding out what each day has in store for me.

Thanks for reading! Here are my nominees…

The Chic Creature 
Vala Fanney
Daily Devonnie 
Little Tendencies

and here are my 10 questions! Enjoy

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. What is your favourite food?
3. If your best friend had to describe you in three words, which would they choose?
4. You are stuck on a dessert island and can bring one male and one female celebrity with you, who do you choose?
5. What is your favourite book and why?
6. Which social media site can you not live without and why?
7. If you could live in any TV show for one month, which would it be?
8. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
9. Name one cocktail that describes you.
10. Coachella or Glastonbury?

JG x

How to achieve my ‘Spring Glow’ makeup look

Spring Glow makeup look

Beauty ingredients

Spring Glow makeup used

Spring Glow makeup used

* Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation in 048 Sun Beige
* Contour Kit (from eBay)
* Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 005 Silky Beige
* Accessorize Baked Bronzer Duo in Bali Shade 2
* Mac Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in ETCETERA
* GOSH Lipstick in 154 Burgundy
* PRO-BROW Ultimate Eyebrow Kit in Dark (not pictured but here is the link)
* Black eyeliner pencil (mine just happened to be the P.S. Love Beauty one from Primark which I think I got with a sharpening pencil which is why I bought it)


I started by applying my Maybelline foundation to even out my skin tone and provide a base for the next stage. Then I contoured using a kit that my sister purchased for me from eBay (proving that you don’t need to spend loads to get the look you want).

I highlighted my nose, middle of my forehead, under my eyes and then the top and bottom of my lips with a colour that is slightly lighter than my skin. I then used a darker shade around the edges of my forehead, cheek and jawbone and also used it to darken from the inside of my eyebrow to the bottom of my nose. At this point I blended starting with the lighter parts until I was confident that it all went together seamlessly. Tip: try and use a mirror in natural light so that you can really see what your skin tone looks like.

The contour kit is quite creamy so I used a light powder to stem any shine without whitening the look completely. I sucked my cheeks in and then applied my favourite bronzer from Accessorize. I absolutely love this bronzer, it has beautiful gold and pinky tones which I adore.

I always do my lips before my eyes. I don’t really know why, it’s just a weird habit. I lined my lips using a MAC lip pencil and then applied my GOSH lipstick. Once my lips were done, I lined my eyes giving them a slight flick and applied a little brown powder to my eyebrows to give them a little colour.

And voilà my Spring look was complete! Hope you enjoy giving it a try, feel free to leave any questions!

Jade x

Nouveau individual lash extensions: a review

Nouveau Lashes after three weeks of wear. Length 10 and 11mm.

Nouveau Lashes after three weeks of wear and they still look good! Length 10 and 11mm.

Going from strips to individual lashes

Like most girls, I’ve been wearing false lashes on nights out since I was in my teens. I’ve tried the good, the bad and the ugly. I still remember going out in uni and having to carry glue in my handbag just in case mine fell off in the middle of the night (which did actually happen a couple of times). I love full and thick lashes which is why I decided to give individual lash extensions a try.

I was lured into trying Nouveau Lashes when I saw the £30 price tag at one of my local beauty salons. Other individual lash extensions can be £70+ so I was quick to say yes to Nouveau. I first had them applied in November 2014 and have had them done about twice since then. Each time I have been very happy with them! It’s great waking up with perfect lashes and not having to put mascara on. Nouveau’s website says that these these lashes last up to eight weeks, I wouldn’t agree with that. Mine last about two/three weeks before starting to twist and fall out. By week three there are usually gaps.

My eyelashes without falsies. They are curly but short.

My eyelashes without falsies. They are curly but short.

Nouveau individual lash extensions after three weeks. It's not a great picture but it shows clearly one lash twisting.

Nouveau individual lash extensions after three weeks. It’s not a great picture but it shows clearly one lash twisting.

Application and aftercare

I was crazy late to my first appointment leaving my beautician only about thirty minutes to apply the lashes before her next client. I was so worried that she wouldn’t have enough time as the appointment was originally supposed to be an hour long but she finished in record time. Everytime I’ve been back she’s managed to apply them in thirty minutes or less. The only scary part is when you are done and have to open your eyes and your bottom lashes are sometimes stuck to the top ones! It’s sorted out pretty quickly but its scary seeing someone coming towards your eyes with tweezers to part them!

Each time I’ve gone to my beautician, I’ve asked her for a natural look. I’m not a fan of really fake looking lashes. I have the 10 and 11mm lashes applied; my beautician warned that she has worn 16mm herself and though they look very glamorous they twist within a couple of days as opposed to the natural ones which don’t twist for a week or so.

The first time I had Nouveau individual lashes applied, the glue really bothered my eyes even for a week or so afterwards. Everytime the wind blew and my eyes watered it would mix with the glue, sting and then water even more! It was horrible. I only had that issue the first time I had them done though so it could have been that I was getting used to the glue. The eyelashes are really easy to look after, and you can definitely still wear eyeliner and eyeshadow, just make sure that you use an oil free makeup remover. I use baby wipes and have never had an issue.

Nouveau individual lash extensions.

Nouveau individual lash extensions.

So, would I get them again?

Overall, I really like Nouveau individual lash extensions and will definitely be getting them done again in a few weeks for my birthday. They are so affordable, comfortable and it’s great not waking up with panda eyes from mascara!

Jade x

Hello lovelies!

I came back from the States just two days ago and I’ve returned reinvigorated and ready to start my blog, so thanks for taking a peek!

2015 is going to be such an exciting year for me (as long as everything goes to plan) as I’ll be getting married, moving countries, getting my first apartment and if I have my way I’ll also get a puppy.

I’m also about to start a three month fitness plan. I need to get that wedding body somehow, and I’ll be starting the 90 DAYSSS plan by Joe Wicks in the coming weeks. You can find Joe on instagram @thebodycoach.

Make sure you come back soon as I’ll be updating my blog with fresh ideas for weddings, home, beauty, fashion and fitness.

Jade x